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International Buyers: We have New Zealand alpacas for sale, including award winners, however, most of these are not currently displayed on this page – please contact us to find out what we have available. Where alpacas are displaying awards won, please be aware that the awarding of ribbons differs from that of other countries. Here in New Zealand, first place is awarded a RED ribbon and a BLUE ribbon signifies a 2nd placing. Third placing is awarded a yellow ribbon and fourth is usually, but not always, a green ribbon. A “broad” ribbon (of any colour, but wider than other ribbons), denotes a major prize, such as Champion, Reserve Champion, Supreme Champion.

NZ Buyers: We are worth travelling for! Females available from $1500 – we encourage farm visits to help you decide which alpaca is best for you. Our pet males come to you halter-trained and already wethered (castrated), saving you time and money. Interest-free finance is available through our Extended Payment Option (NZ buyers only)

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Females $2000-$5000


Price Range $2000 - $5000

Colour: White
DOB: 17 Feb 2009

Lyric is a friendly, halter trained alpaca, with some impressive ancestry to fall back on – her pedigree includes such notable alpacas as Coricancha Brujo, Purrumbete Highlander, and Benleigh Moon Shine (sired by Purrumbete Inti). Lyric has been DNA Parent Verified, so you can have confidence in her breeding. Only lightly bred in the past, we are very impressed with her cria who displays the genetic advantages of using the power of pedigree.

She is available with a free mating, valued at $800-$1000 to one of our stud males, so don’t delay, enquire about Lyric today.


Price Range $2000-$5000

IAR: 1006227
Colour: Brown
DOB: 10/3/2011

Sparkles is my baby! Handreared, she is friendly and relaxed around people, and with tiny white “sparkles” on her face, is pretty to boot! Sired by our multiple prize winner Huari Lincoln, she includes some top alpacas in her background, including Purrumbete Highlander, Pinjarra Microsoft, and Kaihere Peruvian Pele, with some classic early NZ genetics inherited from her grandmother Cameloid Farms Prudence. View her pedigree here – she has her DNA recorded with AANZ, so you can DNA Parent Verify future offspring, making them even more valuable!

She is available with a free mating, valued at $800-$1000 to one of our stud males, so don’t delay, enquire about Sparkles today.


Pregnant Female with female cria at foot

IAR: 1014399
Colour: Solid medium Fawn
DOB: 20/2/2013
Cria Due: April 2017

Autumn is a pretty medium fawn girl. Her pedigree includes the iconic Purrumbet Inti, plus the well-known Somerset Peruvian Sensation, and Cedar House Woolmaker 2. Check her pedigree here. She is the daughter of Summer Sensation, a white female who is also for sale.  These girls are good company for each other and are for sale either together or separately.  Autumn is halter trained.

Autumn has a solid brown female cria (April) at foot, born April 2016. April displays the conformation and fleece density improvements inherited from her sire, Huari Lincoln, and is a valuable future addition to your breeding herd. April carries black, so there are potentially black cria in her future, too. April will be DNA Parent Verified when she is registered, this is a 2nd generation of Parent Verification, so you can be sure of the value of your pedigree.

Autumn has been re-mated to Huari Lincoln, pregnancy to be confirmed, with the cria due April 2017


NZ Eikon Anni

Price Range $2000-$5000

IAR: 126438
Colour: White
DOB: Dec 2007
Cria Due: Autumn 2017

Anni is a quality white breeding female looking for a new home.   Anni is a great alpaca to start breeding a quality herd for yourself.  Very gentle natured,  Anni simply fits in to the herd where she is placed and quickly becomes a member of it.  Her sweet nature and comfort zone when it comes to being handled makes her an ideal pet as well.  Being well halter trained, Anni can be led from paddock to paddock, or to the shearing table, with minimal fuss.    Anni is in the prime of her breeding life, and has been mated to our medium fawn stud, Huari Geronimo,  so you will be buying a pregnant female.

Anni has had her DNA recorded with AANZ, so all future cria can be DNA Parentage Verified. Cria Savannah has already been DNA Parentage verified. Anni is available either on her own or with her most recent daughter, Savannah


Available with a free mating valued at more than $800!

IAR: 1011293
Colour: Dark Brown with attractive highlights
DOB: 18 Feb 2012

Tessa has outstanding potential as a breeding female. Sired our black Lincoln, she has the potential to breed black cria as well as browns or fawns. A soft crimpy fleece complements her attractive looks, and she has a sweet nature as well.  Tessa has been  DNA parentage verified alpacas, so with proven parentage you know the wealth of quality alpacas in her pedigree adds to her value!

Offered with a free mating to Huari Geronimo, Tessa is a valuable addition to your starter herd.

Price: $1900.00 (NZD) + GST -

Sundancer **under offer**

IAR: 1011290
Colour: Light Fawn
DOB: 3 Jan 2012

Sundancer is a quiet and friendly alpaca  who has a ton of potential in the breeding arena.
Her light fawn fleece is crimpy and dense – she shows the impact of her quality pedigree. Sired by NZ Eikon Woolmaster, a son of the well-known Cedar House Woolmaker 2, Sundancer is descended from Purrumbete Highlander through both sire and dam, and also includes Purrumbete Inti in her pedigree. Click here to see her registered,DNA verified pedigree. Shown once, she took a 2nd placing in her class at 2012 Manawatu Show.

Last shearing on 3-Nov-2013 produced 3.50 kgs (2nd fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=26.53, CV=18.9%, SD=5.04, SF=25.37.

This enchanting female cannot fail to please – negotiate to add her to your herd today! A free mating to Huari Geronimo is available after purchase.


Price Range $2000-$5000

IAR: 114103
Colour: White
DOB: 21 November 2006

A large-framed, gentle, halter-trained female, Janice is sired by  Forestglen Lion Heart. Janice is an outstanding start to your new alpaca herd, or to upgrade an existing herd – she has an excellent pedigree which includes the iconic alpaca Purrumbete Inti on both sides of her pedigree. A rare opportunity to obtain a female with this breeding – don’t delay, she won’t be available for long!

Last shearing on 19-Nov-2011 produced 2.89 kgs Sample statistics: Mean=29.00, CV=16.5%, SD=4.80, SF=27.23. Shearing on 17-Nov-2010 produced 3.52 kgs . Janice has a lustrous, crimpy fleece inherited as you would expect from a female with her background.

Janice comes with a free mating to Huari Lincoln. Lincoln is a multiple prize-winner, and sire of several excellent cria.

Females under $2000

Black Magic

Price Range - under $2000

IAR: 1008599
Colour: Black
DOB: 20 Feb 2011

Magic is a smaller statured black female with a stunningly soft handle to her fleece. Sired by our multiple-prizewinning stud, Huari Lincoln, she has great potential as a future breeding female, particularly if you are interested in starting out with blacks or greys. Magic is very friendly, and easy to handle. Magic will be remated to our champion grey stud, Huari Eclipse in the 2015/16 year – a previous mating to Eclipse resulted in a beautiful grey cria, who has already proved a winner in the show ring, and in fleece competitions.

First shearing on 19-Nov-2011 produced 1.82 kgs (1st fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=20.70, CV=21.2%, SD=4.40, SF=20.18, CF=95.0%. Soft and crimpy. These are great statistics for a black, so if you want to develop quality black or grey fleece, Magic is a great way to start.

Summer Sensation

Pregnant female Price Range Under $2000

IAR: 126436
Colour: Solid White
Cria Due: September 2016

Summer is a  caring mum, with a positive and friendly personality. Named for her grandfather, Somerset Peruvian Sensation, Summer has always liked people and is happy to be  a pet.  She is halter trained and a very easy-care alpaca. She has been mated to our black Australian import, Yaringa Masterclass, with her cria due in Spring 2016


IAR: 1003066
Colour: Dark Brown, with white highlights
DOB: 18 March 2009
Cria Due: Early February, 2017

Impulse is a very attractive dark brown with contrasting white markings.  Her beautiful soft fleece is just ideal for you to make up into yarn for the warmest, most sensuously soft garment you have ever owned! Fleece stats: Her 2nd fleece (November 2010) stats were 19.3µ, cv 24.4, sd 4.7,cf 97%. 1st fleece in December 2009 produced 2.53kgs, 20.19micron, cv 25%, sd 5.23, sf 20.56, cf 96%. Click here to view Impulses pedigree.

Impulse has been mated to Huari Eclipse, our Champion Grey Stud male. Eclipse brings his heritage of soft handling, low micron fleece to this joining, we expect a lovely cria – the colour choices are silver grey, rose grey, brown or black – a lucky dip, but all lovely colours!

Price: $1900.00 (NZD) + GST -


Huari Eclipse – Champion Grey

IAR: 1001079
Colour: Medium Grey
DOB: 5-Dec-2008

 Rare opportunity to obtain a quality grey stud, Huari Eclipse is striking for his even grey colour and eye-catching conformation. He started his winning ways at barely 6 months old. Definitely worth a second look – this boy displays himself as a stud with every step. Plus! – his pedigree is chock full of impressive alpacas – Alpine Fibres Brutus, Coonawarra Julius, Pucara Solstice, Somerset Peruvian Black Reign to name a few. Eclipse’s fleece displays good density and is holding it’s micron. Eclipse has  introduced excellent conformation, good looks, and sweetness of temperament and body structure to his cria, who have been impressive, with several prize winners amongst them, including a daughter whose fleece won a 1st placing in the 2015 National Show, followed by Champion Grey fleece at the 2015 Manawatu Show. View his pedigree – click here.

Fleece:Crimpy, even coloured fleece that is oh, so soft. Shearing stats: 2010 (2nd fleece):2.3 kg Mean=21.2, CV=24.7%, SD=5.3, SF=21.34, CF=94.5%. 1st shearing on 1-Dec-2009 produced 2.86 kgs .Sample statistics: Mean=21.23, CV=22.4%, SD=4.76, SF=20.93, CF=95.5%.

Show Wins:

Date Show Name Class Name Place Name
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Senior Male – Grey 1st
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Champion Grey Awarded
6-Nov-2010 2010 Manawatu Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Grey 1st
22-Oct-2010 2010 Hawkes Bay Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Grey 1st
8-Oct-2010 2010 National Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Grey 3rd
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Junior grey 2nd
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Conformation – Colours – Intermediate Male 3rd
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours- Intermediate Male 2nd
7-Nov-2009 2009 Manawatu A&P Show Junior Male – Grey 6-12 months 1st
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Representative of Sire In Sires Progeny Class 6th
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male – Grey 6-12 months 1st
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Champion Grey Awarded
23-Sep-2009 2009 National Show Junior Male -Grey- 6-12 months 1st
13-Jun-2009 2009 Winter Show Porirua Sires Progeny 3rd
13-Jun-2009 2009 Winter Show Porirua Junior Male -Grey- 6-12 months 1st


Price: $5000.00 (NZD) + GST -

Geronimo – certified stud

Price Range $2000-$5000

IAR: 1011288
Colour: Medium Fawn
DOB: 1 March 2012

Sired by Australian Import, Forestglen Lion Heart, young Geronimo struts like a stud already! He has an attractive, natural upright carriage with a soft handling crimpy fleece. His sire brings the iconic Purrumbete Inti and Purrumbete El Dorado into his pedigree which features other well known studs such as Cedar House Brave Heart and Somerset Peruvian Challenge. His dam, Sumerset Peruvian Angel (also imported from Australia), had a 25 micron fleece at 12 years old, and it still feels great. With heritage like this, Geronimo has potential plus! Take a look at his pedigree – click here

Fleece Stats: First shearing on 10-Nov-2012 produced 1.73 kgs (1st fleece- 8 months growth).Sample statistics: FD=18.36, CV=20.6%, SD=378.00, SF=17.81, CF=99.6%. Last Shearing (3rd fleece) on 13 Nov 2014 produced 4.5kg fibre, FD= 25.82, CV= 15.3%, SD=3.8, SF=23.11, comfort factor 94%


 Show Results:
  Show Date   Show_Name   Class_Name   Place_Name


2013 Masterton A&P Show Junior Male – 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2013 Masterton A&P Show Champion Mid/Dark Fawn



2013 Horowhenua AP&I Show Junior Male 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2012 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male – 6-9 months Medium/Dark Fawn


Huari Lincoln **under offer**

Certified Stud Male, price range $2000-$5000

IAR: 126426
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 31 December 2007

A solid framed male with excellent depth of pedigree, including such well-known alpacas as Purrumbete Highlander, Pinjarra Microsoft & Kaihere Peruvian Pele. A multiple prize-winner, Lincoln’s dam Pejo Giovanna (herself a prizewinner) has produced 4 show quality cria including a champion, and both her sons have moved to the breeding arena – these are outstanding genetics to introduce into your herd. To view Lincoln’s pedigree, click here. Lincoln’s fleece displays good density and visible crimp. Lincoln will introduce excellent conformation, good looks, and sweetness of temperament and body structure to your cria

Fibre Statistics: 2nd shearing on 1-Dec-2009 produced 3.42 kgs Sample statistics: Mean=27.51, CV=18.7%, SD=5.13, SF=26.26,

Show results:

24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Black, Senior 1st
24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Conformation -All Colours – Senior Male 3rd
24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Composite – All Colours- Senior Male 3rd
7-Nov-2009 2009 Manawatu A&P Show Intermediate Male – Black 12-24months 3rd
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Black 2nd
13-Jun-2009 2009 Winter Show Porirua Intermediate Male – Black 12-24months 1st
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Black, Intermediate 3rd
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Conformation – Colours – Intermediate Male 2nd
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours – Intermediate Male 2nd
24-Oct-2008 2008 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male 6-12 months – Black 2nd
16-Aug-2008 2008 Winter Show New Plymouth Junior Male 6-12 months – Black 1st



$500 + gst

DOB: November 2011

Cody is a gorgeous blue black alpaca who would decorate your “pet paddock” extremely well.  He has been handled a lot and is halter trained.  If you purchase another wether or a female from us as company for Cody we’ll negotiate a lower price for Cody as he’ll be part of a pair (or more). don’t forget – you will be eligible for our exclusive training session on how to manage and care for your alpaca when you purchase Cody – and its free!

Price: $500.00 (NZD) + GST -


Lovely pet! Price range: Under $500

Colour: Light fawn

Jake is a smaller statured alpaca, who we originally planned to add to our farm tour ambassadors, so he has received a lot of handling. However, Jake was unhappy about being constantly handled by strangers, he prefers routine and stability, so we reluctantly decided to make him available as a pet so he can live in the kind of environment that suits his personality.
Light fawn in colour, Jake is a very attractive alpaca who will give his new owners a lot of pleasure.

Pets available

We have young male alpacas available as pets, many with quality fleeces, in a variety of beautiful colours, from wonderful whites, fantastic fawns, beautiful browns, and occasionally blissful blacks. All are halter-trained, and easy to handle, and all come complete with our total customer commitment. We wether our pet males before delivery, and this is included in your purchase price – you don’t get any nasty surprises! If you don’t see the “alpaca to die for” listed on our for sale page, please contact us, the alpaca you’ve been waiting for may be waiting for you!