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International Buyers: We have New Zealand alpacas for sale, including award winners, however, most of these are not currently displayed on this page – please contact us to find out what we have available. Where alpacas are displaying awards won, please be aware that the awarding of ribbons differs from that of other countries. Here in New Zealand, first place is awarded a RED ribbon and a BLUE ribbon signifies a 2nd placing. Third placing is awarded a yellow ribbon and fourth is usually, but not always, a green ribbon. A “broad” ribbon (of any colour, but wider than other ribbons), denotes a major prize, such as Champion, Reserve Champion, Supreme Champion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NZ Buyers: We are worth travelling for! Females available from $1000 – we encourage farm visits to help you decide which alpaca is best for you. Our pet males come to you halter-trained and already wethered (castrated), saving you time and money. Interest-free finance is available through our Extended Payment Option (NZ buyers only)

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Geronimo – potential stud

IAR: 1011288
Colour: Medium Fawn
DOB: 1 March 2012


Sired by Australian Import, Forestglen Lion Heart, Geronimo struts like a stud already! He has an attractive natural upright carriage, with a soft handling crimpy fleece. His sire brings the iconic Purrumbete Inti and Purrumbete El Dorado into his pedigree which features other well known studs such as Cedar House Brave Heart and Somerset Peruvian Challenge. His dam, Sumerset Peruvian Angel (also imported from Australia), still had a 25 micron fleece at 12 years old, and it still feels great. With heritage like this, Geronimo has potential plus!

Fleece Stats: Last shearing on 10-Nov-2012 produced 1.73 kgs (1st fleece- 8 months growth).Sample statistics: Mean=18.36, CV=20.6%, SD=378.00, SF=17.81, CF=99.6%.


 Show Results:
  Show Date









2013 Masterton A&P Show

Junior Male – 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2013 Masterton A&P Show

Champion Mid/Dark Fawn



2013 Horowhenua AP&I Show

Junior Male 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2012 Hawkes Bay Show

Junior Male – 6-9 months Medium/Dark Fawn








Celtic Prince aka Robbie

IAR: 114102
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 20-May-2006

We “discovered” Robbie as a young male hiding in the back blocks of Napier. We were particularly impressed with the evenness of his crimp – it doesn’t matter where you look, his crimp is exactly the same. This is a highly desirable feature! We rescued him from obscurity, and now he is a proven stud with several attractive cria on the ground. 

Robbie started work late in 2010. His genetics are rare in New Zealand with both his dam and his sire hailing from Australia and being peppered with Purrumbete, Jolimont, Gunnamatta and Cedar House breeding lines.
Robbie has an extremely dense, crimpy fleece which we expect to see in his cria here. We plan to use Robbie to reinforce the great conformation and fleece heritage our white girls already have.
If you are looking for a white stud to build quality into your herd Robbie could be the boy for you!
This boy has great potential as a macho – we’re sure you’ll be delighted with his cria.

Huari Devados

Potential Stud - Export enquiries welcome

IAR: 1008594
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 25 March 2011

As a yearling, Devados has unlimited potential as a future stud male. Sired by Canchones Heros, a quality black imported from the internationally famous Canchones stud in Australia, Devados is the son of our own multiple-championship winner, Huari NightShade. His maternal grandfather, Pejo Rebel, is sired by Canchones black male Somerset Peruvian Black Reign, while his maternal grandmother Pejo Giovanna has never had a cria which failed to take prizes in the show ring - Devados has a wealth of high quality blacks in his pedigree. Devados is going to be an impressive adult, with the genetics to produce top-quality black cria in his turn.

His first shearing in November 2011 produced 1.77kg from 8 months grownth – you can annualise this to more 2 1/2 kg for a year – showing Devados has excellent density, while his sample statistics were Mean=17.2micron, CV= 2.9%, SD=3.8,SF=16.87, comfort factor 99% WOW

If you want the opportunity to add quality blacks to you herd, contact us today! You’ll be glad you did.

Price: By negotiation. (NZD) + GST()

Pejo Rebel **Sold**

Sire of Champions!

IAR: 70371
Colour: Black
DOB: 24 Aug 2004

Rebel is a solid black of Peruvian descent, with an impeccable black pedigree. Sired by Peruvian Black Reign, an impressive black import from Peru, owned by one of the most prestigious specialist black alpaca studs in Australia, and his dam, Bonny Park Ebony, is the granddaughter of the renowned Australian black sire, Coonawarra Julius, making Rebel a grandson of the equally famours Dorchester.

A compact boy with excellent upright stance, Rebel has a lustrous blue-black fleece, which he passes to his off-spring, together with fleece characteristics that are the envy of many.

Rebel has proven himself in the breeding arena. To date his progeny have won 5 Championships, 1 Reserve Championship, 2 first placings at the 2009 National Show plus numerous 1st and other placings in the show ring and fleece competitions. His current crop of cria look just as promising!

Rebels 2nd shear in 2005 was 22.2 micron, CV 24.4, SD 5.54, and at 7 years old (November 2011) he was still shearing only 24.2micron, CV 22.1 and SD 5.3.


Show wins:

Display_Start_Date Show_Name Class_Name Place_Name
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Sires Progeny1 4th
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Sires Progeny 2nd
6-Nov-2010 2010 Manawatu Show Sires Progeny 3rd
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Sires Progeny 6th
13-Jun-2009 2009 Winter Show Porirua Sires Progeny 3rd
4-Nov-2007 2007 Manawatu A&P Senior Male – Black 3rd

Huari Lincoln

IAR: 126426
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 31 December 2007

A solid framed male with excellent depth of pedigree, including such well-known alpacas as Purrumbete Highlander, Pinjarra Microsoft & Kaihere Peruvian Pele. A multiple prize-winner, Lincoln’s dam Pejo Giovanna (herself a prizewinner) has produced 4 show quality cria including a champion, and both her sons have moved to the breeding arena – these are outstanding genetics to introduce into your herd. Lincoln’s fleece displays good density and visible crimp. Lincoln will introduce excellent conformation, good looks, and sweetness of temperament and body structure to your cria

Fibre Statistics: 2nd shearing on 1-Dec-2009 produced 3.42 kgs Sample statistics: Mean=27.51, CV=18.7%, SD=5.13, SF=26.26,

Show results:

24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Black, Senior 1st
24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Conformation -All Colours – Senior Male 3rd
24-Jan-2010 2010 Horowhenua A&P Composite – All Colours- Senior Male 3rd
7-Nov-2009 2009 Manawatu A&P Show Intermediate Male – Black 12-24months 3rd
23-Oct-2009 2009 Hawkes Bay Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Black 2nd
13-Jun-2009 2009 Winter Show Porirua Intermediate Male – Black 12-24months 1st
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Black, Intermediate 3rd
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Conformation – Colours – Intermediate Male 2nd
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours – Intermediate Male 2nd
24-Oct-2008 2008 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male 6-12 months – Black 2nd
16-Aug-2008 2008 Winter Show New Plymouth Junior Male 6-12 months – Black 1st

NZ Eikon Woolmaster

IAR: 126431
Colour: Medium Fawn
DOB: 2 April 2007

Woolmaster has it all – an impressive pedigree, multiple show wins, conformation, and great fibre density with style and micron! Add to this his gentle, generous nature, and you have an ideal stud male. Of course he’s halter-trained! If you are looking for a good standard of breeding male, you won’t go wrong with Woolmaster
Shearing on 1-Dec-2009 produced 5.34 kgs (3rd fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=26.93, CV=15.7%, SD=4.24, SF=25.15.
Previous shearing on 01-Dec-2008 produced 3.06 kgs (2nd fleece). Sample Statistics: Mean=21.83 Micron, CV=20.6%, SD=4.50, CF=.
Spinning Fineness=21.17 Micron.

Show results:

24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Conformation – Colours- Senior Male Championship Res.Champion
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Conformation – Colours – Senior Male 2nd
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours- Senior Male Championship Res.Champion
24-Jan-2010 2010Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours- Senior Male 1st
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Fleece – Mid Fawn, Intermediate
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Conformation – White/Light Fawn – Intermediate Male 3rd
17-Jan-2009 2009 Horowhenua A&P Composite – Colours – Intermediate Male 3rd
24-Oct-2008 2008 Hawkes Bay Show Representative of Dam in Get of Dam Class 1st
24-Oct-2008 2008 Hawkes Bay Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth Medium/Dark Fawn 2nd
16-Aug-2008 2008 Winter Show New Plymouth Intermediate Male 12-24mth Medium/Dark Fawn 3rd

Woolmaster’s first cria have now been born and live up to all our expectations.


TWO Females: Amber & Trinity

IAR: 70241
DOB: 2005

fs_Amber&TrinityAmber is a very laid back, friendly alpaca who has been adopted as “favourite aunt” by a myriad of young alpacas in our herd.  Amber, a dark fawn,  is a natural leader and other alpacas gravitate towards her and take their lead from her.  She is in the prime of her breeding life, having presented us with several attractive cria.  A big plus:  Amber is halter trained and easy to lead.  Your purchase will include TWO alpacas – Amber has a beautiful female cria born just before Christmas 2013.

Both mother and daughter have very dense fleeces – a good starting point in your breeding plan.

 Phone Liz now (06) 372 5565 to meet these girls!

Price: $1800+GST for the pair (negotiable) (NZD) + GST()

Jean E

IAR: 126433
Colour: Solid white
DOB: 27-Nov-2007

Jean E is a well framed, attractive alpaca with two cria to her credit.  She has proven herself to be a good breeder and mother, and is a good starting point if you wish to breed whites. Jean E is the prime of her breeding life.

HollyAnna **Sold**

Pregnant Female

IAR: 1003070
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 2-Dec-2009
Cria Due: Summer 2013/2014

A beautiful blue-black girl, with fleece and looks to impress. Holly is a full sister to our dual champion winner, Huari NightShade, and we expect her to be every bit as good. Holly’s dam, Giovanna, has had show winners in every cria,  while her sire Rebel, is known as “the sire of champions” – this is an impact bloodline.Make sure you check out her fibre statistics on page 2 of this sales sheet to really understand the quality of this female.

Shearing on 19-Nov-2011 produced 3.70 kgs (2nd fleece).
Sample statistics: Mean=20.70, CV=22.0%, SD=4.50, SF=20.32, CF=95.9%.
Last shearing on 17-Nov-2010 produced 2.10 kgs (1st fleece).
Sample statistics: Mean=18.30, CV=26.5%, SD=4.80, SF=18.74, CF=97.0%.
Her  fleece is lustrous, crimpy and soft.Holly is a full sister to our dual champion winner, Huari NightShade, and we expect her to be every bit as good. Holly’s dam, Giovanna, has had show winners in every cria,  while her sire Rebel, is known as “the sire of champions” – this is an impact bloodline.

Mated to Forestglen Lion Heart – (S)LF (62123) on 26-Jan-2013 and due on or after 27-Dec-2013.Lion Heart carries black, so there is a chance of a quality black cria from this mating.

Panache & Panchera

Breeding Female with Female Cria at Foot

IAR: 126429
Colour: Medium Brown -genetically rose grey
DOB: 26-Feb-2007

Panache is registered as brown, but after the birth of her first cria – a silver grey – has proven she is in fact genetically rose grey.The proof of her ability as a breeder is shown in her cria, who have all had above average fleeces.

For sale with female cria-at-foot Huari Panchera – (S)DBR, born 2-Apr-2013, sired by Huari Eclipse – MG (1001079). Panchera shows lots of promise! Sired by our gray stud Huari Eclipse, she includes some impressive alpaca in her pedigree.


IAR: 1003072
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 6-Mar-2009

We selected Platinum from our whole herd to be the lucky girl to be mated to the sire of the 2010 NZ National Champion!  And she has produced a cracker for us!  Her resulting cria, Crystal,  will form part of our show team for the 2012/13 show year and then go into our breeding herd.  Ask to see Crystal – she will show you what Platinum can do for you.

Platinum has a lovely fine fleece, with a creditable standard of variation. It feels great!
Shearing  on 1-Dec-2009 produced 3.31 kgs (1st fleece-annualised).Sample statistics: Mean=20.80, CV=23.0%, SD=4.80, SF=20.61, CF=94.3%.

Ela **SOLD**

IAR: 47630
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 23-Dec-2000

Ela is a solid blue black female with a pleasant undemanding personality. She produces good quality cria, and is a great opportunity to start your own herd on budget price!

Ela includes some well-known blacks in her pedigree, and is well-worth a 2nd look


IAR: 100097
Colour: Medium Fawn
DOB: 17-Feb-2007

Harmony is a delightful and sweet natured female. She is halter trained and very easy to handle. Harmony has good conformation, and her fleece displays good characteristics. Through her dam, she is descended from iconic studs Purrumbete Inti and Purrumbete Ledgers Dream, while her paternal grandsire is Somerset Peruvian Sensation, an Australian stud well-known for producing fine fleece. Whether you are just starting out, or wanting to add good solid genetics to your existing herd, Harmony is a great choice.

Last tested shearing on 1-Dec-2009 produced 2.30 kgs (4th fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=25.90, CV=22.3%, SD=5.80, SF=25.50. Harmony is holding her micron well.

Previous shears on 21-Dec-2008 produced 1.78 kgs (3rd fleece).Sample Statistics: Mean=23.90 Micron, CV=21.7%, SD=5.20, Spinning Fineness=23.40 Micron, and on 25-Nov-2007 produced 2.50 kgs (2nd fleece).Sample Statistics: Mean=26.33 Micron, CV=24.2%, SD=6.37, Spinning Fineness=26.37 Micron.




Abby **SOLD**

IAR: 53473
Colour: Dark Fawn
DOB: 28/06/2003

Abby is a superior breeding female.  When she came to us she was a shy, frightened alpaca at the bottom on the herd pecking order.  Over the years she has gained confidence and is now holds a leading position in our female herd ranking.  She has produced a number of attractive, densely fleeced, crimpy, show quality cria for us and is for sale only to a buyer who buys, or has,  at least one female companion that Abby knows.  It is important to us that Abby is not forced down the hierarchy ladder again and that she is given a stable long-term home where she understands what is wanted of her; owned by someone who will appreciate the contribution that she’ll make to developing a good breeding herd.  If you think you can provide all these qualities give Liz a ring to arrange to see Abby.  We may be able to strike a deal! 


Alice **SOLD**

Shannelle Alice has an enviable genetic heritage!

IAR: 61273
Colour: Light fawn
DOB: 28/04/2002

Liz has somewhat reluctantly placed Alice on the market.  Absolutely one of our top breeding females, Alice has proven by her progeny that she has what it takes to help you build a herd of quality alpacas.  Sired herself by the inimitable  Purrumbete Inti and also descended from Purrumbete Highlander, Alice’s genetics have ensured she produces quality offspring.  Imported from Australia some years ago, Alice still has a number of breeding years ahead of her, however since we have two show quality daughters from her and her stud male son NZ Eikon Woolmaster it really is time for us to move on to the next generations and let someone else benefit from Alice’s proven breeding ability.

Alice deserves the best when it comes to choosing a sire for her offspring.  Liz has therefore  mated Alice to our Highway Star Gold Flash with a pregnancy yet to be confirmed.  A similar very light fawn to Alice, Gold Flash  has a super dense, super fine, even fleece  inherited from his father, the renowned Jolimont Attitude, who was moved from NZ to Europe a few years ago.

Alice’s cria have all been personable, but easy-to-manage alpacas.  We are proud to have retained all of them in our current herd.  Phone Liz now to arrange to see Alice and make her part of your future.

Prudence – non breeding female

FREE when you buy any breeding female from The Alpaca Place

DOB: 20 Feb 1996

After giving us several attractive cria, Prudy has now been retired from breeding, and is now available **free** as a companion female for any female alpaca purchased from The Alpaca Place. Prudy likes her personal space and is happiest with minimal handling. However she is halter trained and very manageable. Prudy will help you get into breeding without the expense of buying a companion for your new alpaca.

Price: **FREE** Conditions apply (NZD) + GST()

Cherleigh **SOLD**

IAR: 1009186
Colour: solid White
DOB: 1 March 2011

From the well-known Sierra Vista herd, Cherleigh is a solid white female with an impeccable pedigree, and capable of breeding top show quality cria – a great way to kick start your breeding programme or add as an improver to your existing herd.
Cherleigh includes the irreplaceable Purrumbete Highlander plus other impressive alpacas in her pedigree such as Jolimont Brujeria, Somerset Peruvian Sensation, and Jolimont Oscar. Pedigree matters! It’s hard to get much better than this.

Cherleigh has been halter-trained, and has lived at The Alpaca Place since birth – we know her well!


Breeding Female with female cria at foot

IAR: 1006226
Colour: White/Light Fawn
DOB: 5 Feb 2010

 Flamenco is an attractive young female with all her breeding life ahead of her.  With a dark fawn female cria at foot (born December 2013) this is a great opportunity to start your herd, or increase/upgrade an existing herd. She is a very pale light fawn/white, and as such has a very saleable fibre, as this colour is in demand with commercial processors/purchasers because it can be dyed so readily. Born here at The Alpaca Place, she is from one of our favourite lines of alpaca, and is of course halter-trained.This line tends to throw mostly female cria, so you could pick up this advantage with Flamenco too! Sired by Sierra Vista Extreme, she has some well-known alpaca in her background, including Purrumbete Highlander, Somerset Peruvian Sensation, and others. The benefits of including Flamenco in your herd will be good quality pedigree, good fleece statistics, resulting in good quality cria and of course, you also get our knock-your-socks-off customer commitment to help you learn about alpacas and their care. Plus: a free remate (valued at $800) is offered to NZ Eikon Woolmaster .

 Last shearing on 20-Nov-2013 produced 3.04 kgs (4th fleece – 10 month fleece). S2012 produced 3.79 kgs (2nd fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=25.80, CV=24.2%, SD=6.20, SF=25.84. First fleece stats: Mean=20.80,CV=26.8%,SD=5.60,SF=21.36,Comfort Factor=94.5%


IAR: 1009169
Colour: Black
DOB: 1 March 2011

 A solid black, Keira includes some impressive names in her pedigree – Aviana Farms Jefferson, Pinjarra Microsoft, Coonawarra Dorchester (son of the irreplaceable Coonawarra Julius), Somerset Peruvian Black Reign - giving her the genetic background to be an excellent breeding female herself. Her fibre is soft and crimpy, just as you would expect from a girl sired by Pejo Rebel! Halter-trained, she is easy to handle, and a great acquisition! Keira will be ready to breed from September 2012.

First shearing on 19-Nov-2011 produced 1.48 kgs (1st fleece – annualised to 1.97kg). Sample statistics: Mean=22.30, CV=23.2%, SD=5.20, SF=22.13, CF=91.0%. Soft and crimpy, supporting her genetic heritage.


Black Rose (aka Rosie)

IAR: 1000288
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 16 Feb 2008
Cria Due: March 2012

Of mixed Chilean and Peruvian descent, Rosie includes the irreplaceable Purrumbete Highlander in her heritage. She is easy to handle, quiet and halter trained – just right for a novice handler! Rosie has proven to be an excellent mother and is a great starter alpaca – so if you want to have your own herd of black alpacas, Rosie is right for you!



Fancy a miniature? Don't miss out on this one!

IAR: 1009175
Colour: Solid dark brown
DOB: December 2010

Pandora is an attractive miniature alpaca – at 2 years old she is half the height of her peers. If you fancy something a bit different, Pandora is for you! The price on this female is only going to increase as she approaches breeding age – be in quick for a bargain! Sired by Pejo Rebel, a sire of Champions and one of NZ’s top performing black studs, she has a bright future as a breeding female, and mated to black studs should produce a good proportion of black cria. Pandora is a solid dark brown, and a real cutie;  she is good natured and will mature into a “look at me’ alpaca.

Pandora’s first shearing on 4-Feb-2012 produced 2.26 kgs (1st fleece). Sample statistics: Mean=20.20, CV=22.5%, SD=4.60, SF=19.92. Pandora has a soft dense crimpy fleece, just what you look for in a potential breeding female – Pandora has the potential to be a top breeding female – don’t pass up this chance. Pandora is covered by our fertility guarantee – you can’t lose. Plus you can take advantage of our extended purchase plan, and pay Pandora off over 12 months, interest free! (Conditions apply, but you’ll be pleased at how easy it is).

Pandora will be ready to mate in early 2013.

Elsa **SOLD**

Look at this: her 1st fleece was just 18.60 micron and the "comfort factor" was 98.4%.

IAR: 1006231
Colour: Dark Fawn
DOB: 30/03/2010

Elsa was our little surprise dark  fawn cria.  Born unexpectedly in autumn 2010, and then orphaned at only 3 months old, Elsa has inherited a lovely dense fleece from both her parents.  She was placed 1st in her class at the 2010 Masterton Show.  Obviously, she is show quality!  Elsa’s lucky new owner will be buying a quality girl who has been mated to our sire of champions, Pejo Rebel, a jet black stud male.   Since Elsa’s maternal grandmother is a black, and her sire Forestglen Lion Heart carries black,  there is a possibility she also carries that colour.  There are no guarantees here, but a black cria is a possibility!    Don’t forget that Elsa (as with all of our breeding alpacas) carries our fertility guarantee.  And a big plus: being born at The Alpaca Place means Elsa  is well handled and halter trained.

 Elsa has inherited a lovely fine, dense fleece from both her parents. Look at this: her 1st fleece was just 18.60 micron and the “comfort factor” was 98.4%. That’s a BEAUTIFUL fleece!



IAR: 114103
Colour: White
DOB: 21 November 2006

A large-framed, gentle, halter-trained female, Janice is sired by our top stud, Forestglen Lion Heart. Janice is an outstanding start to your new alpaca herd, or to upgrade an existing herd – she has an excellent pedigree which includes the iconic alpaca Purrumbete Inti on both sides of her pedigree. A rare opportunity to obtain a female with this breeding – don’t delay, she won’t be available for long!

Last shearing on 19-Nov-2011 produced 2.89 kgs Sample statistics: Mean=29.00, CV=16.5%, SD=4.80, SF=27.23. Shearing on 17-Nov-2010 produced 3.52 kgs . Janice has a lustrous, crimpy fleece inherited as you would expect from a female with her background.

 Janice comes with a free mating to any of our quality stud males – the choice is yours!


IAR: 56371
Colour: Med. Fawn
DOB: 15 May 2002
Cria Due: Summer 2012

Angel is a quiet, gentle female who has previously produced cria with fleeces that show lots of crimp and fineness. Imported from the well-known Australian stud, Somerset, Angel is of full Peruvian descent, and her excellent fibre characteristics (at 8 years of age in November 2011, she was still only 26 micron), make her an ideal starter female, or she will add quality to an existing herd. We were lucky enough to obtain Angel from another NZ breeder following a failed export order a couple of years ago, and she has already rewarded us a lovely little female cria and a prize winning future stud – Huari Geronimo.




IAR: 47565
Colour: medium fawn
DOB: 31 March 2001
Cria Due: 22/12/2011

Connie is a large-framed, light/medium fawn girl who is quiet and friendly. She has had numerous healthy cria  so is an experienced birther and mother. She is ideal for you to start your alpaca herd, or as a companion animal to another alpaca.

Connie’s  attractive  light fawn male cria TinTin (born November 2011)  has an absolutely  stunning fleece and is available as a companion adult wether.  Also included is a FREE  stud service for Connie by NZ Eikon Woolmaster  (valued at $800+GST) with our exceptional “live birth guarantee”.

This purchase represents great value.  Remember, it takes just two alpacas to get you started and if you get in quick we have a FREE companion alpaca to go with Connie.


IAR: 70241
Colour: Dark Fawn
DOB: 26 December 2005

Amber is a very laid back, friendly alpaca who has been adopted as “favourite aunt” by a myriad of young alpacas in our herd. Amber is a natural leader and other alpacas gravitate towards her and take their lead from her. She is young and in the prime of her breeding life. Amber has shown her worth in the past with excellent quality cria – ask to see Geneva, her 2010 cria that we are retaining for our future breeding herd – Geneva shows Amber can produce the goods!



IAR: 1003066
Colour: Dark Brown
DOB: 18 March 2009

Impulse is a very attractive dark brown with contrasting white markings.  Her beautiful soft fleece is just ideal for you to make up into yarn for the warmest, most sensuously soft garment you have ever owned!

Fleece stats: Her 2nd fleece (November 2010) stats were 19.3µ, cv 24.4, sd 4.7,cf 97%. 1st fleece in December 2009 produced 2.53kgs, 20.19micron, cv 25%, sd 5.23, sf 20.56, cf 96%

An opportunity for a free mating (valued at $800+gst) is included in this sale. A cria from this mating would have a pedigree chock full of impressive ancestors, such as Somerset Peruvian Black Reign, Coonawarra Dorchester, Coricancha Brujo and Pinjarra Microsoft (boths sons of the irreplaceable Purrembete Highlander – expect something special!)  Impulse carries black, there is a strong possibility she will actually have a black cria!


Cher **SOLD**

IAR: 116387
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 7 January 2007

Cher is a well built heavily fleeced female, sired by Coricancha Brujo, and has inherited her sire’s correct conformation. Her fleece is a lustrous white with typical “Brujo brightness”, and her crimp definition has developed well. Cher’s dam, Cherrie, has Jolimont Sculptor, Rosemount Xanadu and Peruvian Primero genetics. A grand-daughter of Purrumbete Highlander (through her sire) Cher represents a good step up the breeding scale. She would be an asset to any herd – and you will have the potential to breed show winning or export quality cria from this female.

Fibre: 2nd fleece on 01-Dec-2008 produced 3.34 kgs (2nd fleece). Sample Statistics: Mean=25.31 Micron, CV=19.4%, SD=4.90, Spinning Fineness=24.31 Micron.

Cher’s white female cria, Cherleigh, (sired by Sierra Vista Extreme), born 2 March 2011 is now weaned, but still available as a package with Cher.This purchase is a great way to start a quality herd. Overseas buyers: Cher & her cria have great export potential, this is a great opportunity to acquire some top NZ genetics. Price for the pair is negotiable, please contact us



TinTin is a gentle natured light fawn alpaca with a stunning fleece! You’ll be happy to own this quiet alpaca – and even happier when you have a fleece to use or sell.

Whether you are after a pet, or a pet with income, TinTin is right for you


Colour: Solid dark fawn
DOB: 27 March 2010

Jafri is a show quality alpaca.  He has been shown just once, placing 2nd in his class at the 2011 Masterton A&P Show.  Born at The Alpaca Place he is, of course, halter trained.
Jafri has a beautifully even coloured head-to-toe dark fawn fleece which has a very soft handle.  His first shear produced a super fine fleece of just 18 micron.  This would make into a lovely garment.  We can tell you where to have it processed commercially so you can knit up something special from your very own alpaca!



A friendlyPet with potential income - Cruz has an eminently saleable fleece

Colour: Solid White
DOB: 11 Dec 2010

As with all our pet alpacas, Cruz is halter-trained, so you know he is easy to manage. A friendly alpaca with an impeccable pedigree, Cruz is not only an ideal pet, he can give you an income each year from his beautiful soft crimpy fibre – commericial fibres buyers prefer white fibre, so sorted properly ( and we can show you how), you will get a premium price for Cruz’s fleece for many years to come. Or if you want to spin/process it yourself you will get a lovely yarn you can dye any colour of the rainbow! His first shear weighed in at more than 3kg – impressive weght/density for a first fleece! Cruz will be wethered before you take him home, and this is included in the price you pay – no unexpected surprises!

Pets available

We have young male alpacas available as pets, many with quality fleeces, in a variety of beautiful colours, from wonderful whites, fantastic fawns, beautiful browns, and occasionally blissful blacks. All are halter-trained, and easy to handle, and all come complete with our total customer commitment. We wether our pet males before delivery, and this is included in your purchase price – you don’t get any nasty surprises! If you don’t see the “alpaca to die for” listed on our for sale page, please contact us, the alpaca you’ve been waiting for may be waiting for you!

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IAR: 1003068
Colour: White
DOB: 13 November 2009

A solid white boy, Cracker impressed us with his style and fleece right from birth. His pedigree includes an impressive list of “who’s who” in the alpaca industry, such as Purrumbete Inti, Purrumbete Highlander and Jolimont Sculptor to name just a few.

Fleece Stats (1st Shear): 21.2µ SD 4.8 cv 24.7 cf 95.7 weight 2.8 kg

Cracker made his mark in the show ring. If you are looking for a pet of distinction, Cracker is for you. Competition is always stiff in the white/light fawn classes, so these wins represent a significant achievement:

Date Show_Name Class_Name Place_Name
21-Oct-2011 2011 Hawkes Bay Show Fleece – White/Light Fawn, Intermediate 1st
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Intermediate Male 12-24mth White/Light Fawn 2nd
20-Feb-2011 2011 Masterton A&P Show Fleece – White/Light Fawn 6-12mths 1st
22-Oct-2010 2010 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male – 9-12 months White 5th


Panache, Panchera & Pandora

Panache is a devoted mother, remaining close to her cria long after they are grown up. Although both Pandora and Panchera are solid dark brown, Panache proved with her first cria, Shadow, that she is genetically rose grey, and also carries black!

You can see more information about these girls in the individual listings above.

It would be nice for this family to stay together.

Cher & Cherleigh **SOLD**

Quality breeding females

IAR: Cher 116387 Cherleigh 1009186
Colour: Both solid White
DOB: Cher - 7 Jan 2007 Cherleigh - 1 Mar 2011

This mother and daughter package is a must have for those who want to kick-start a quality white alpaca herd.

Cher is a well built heavily fleeced female, who has inherited her sires correct conformation. Her fleece  a lustrous white with typical “Brujo” brightness, and  her crimp definition has developed well. This female  represents a good step up the breeding scale, and would be an asset to any herd, while daughter Cherleigh  is capable of breeding top show quality cria – a great way to kick start your breeding programme or add as an improver to your existing herd.
Cherleigh includes the irreplaceable Purrumbete Highlander plus other impressive alpacas in her pedigree such as Jolimont Brujeria, Somerset Peruvian Sensation, and Jolimont Oscar. Pedigree matters! It’s hard to get much better than this.