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New cria

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Finally we are re-attached to the world! A new computer means a hosts of new variations in our programs which we have to master, but hopefully we are over the worst. Hope you all had a great Christmas – we did! Bethany came to light with a baby boy on Christmas Day, followed by Daisy (on agistment) with another boy, and today Yulia had her fourth boy (sigh…). he’s beautiful though – have a look!

New Cria and computer woes

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Donalds Wool PressComputer problems have meant we have been unable to update our website over the last couple of weeks – sorry folks! The issues are still not completely over, so we may have a few more delays getting our news out there, but all should be fixed by Christmas.

Our babies are now coming fast – first up was a solid black boy for Giovanna. Named Marshall, you can expect to see him in ┬áthe shows next year. Marshall has been followed by 2 white female cria for Janice and Ma Cher (Biscuit). These were first cria for these girls and they are immensely proud of their babies! Yesterday was Cherrie’s turn, this time a boy, named Cruz – we are not sure yet whether he is white or fawn!

Our fibre is all bagged up and ready to go. We were lucky enough to obtain a Donalds woolpress a few years ago – makes all the difference when freighting fibre.