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Alpacas on Holiday

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

We have some visiting alpacas at the moment – one with a young cria who has suffered from rye grass staggers.  Getting him on to endophyte free grass will be a big step in his recovery.  While he is here his owner is taking the opportunity to have his mum remated and she has brought along a friend who also will be visiting one of our studs while here.  Hopefully the couple of months or so that they are here will see Marco well on the road to recovery.

Vaccinations, Sparkles update

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We recently vaccinated our herd with 5-in-1 vaccine . This ia an annual event, so if you purchased your alpacas from us, it is time for you to think about vaccinating your herd too. If you have a small herd, buy your vaccine from your vet, but for larger herds, you can buy this from many farm supplies stores.

 Sparkles is now completely recovered. We have moved her into our “maternity paddock” where whe has the company of 4 or 5 adults and 2 other cria, and she is now happy and playful. She obviously feels much more secure in a small herd, than with only one or two others. She has the most incredible appetite, and now comes when she is called to have her bottle.

Nightshade took advantage of a few hours on non-supervision on Friday to have her cria – a very big (9.2kg) boy. Nightshade is our champion black female whose photo feature sat the top of this page, and Devados is her first cria. We are very excited about his future, as his bloodlines are impeccable.


Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Sparkles has recovered from her bout of pneumonia and is putting on weight. She is a sad little girl though, and obviously misses having a mother. Harmony has now had a cria, so we have put them both in with Caprice and Sparkles, so Sparkles will have a friend at least

Abandoned Cria

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

On the 10th March, we discovered a new born cria in our maternity paddock with no mother in attendance. None of the 5 “pregnant” girls showed any interest or signs of recently having given birth, and we were left trying to figure out who “mum” was. The most important thing was to get some food into the cria, so we gave her a bottle of milk – she was ravenous, but a lovely strong cria.

We managed to narrow potential “mothers” down to two, with a strong leaning towards Caprice as mother. We had the vet verify for us the next morning that Caprice was indeed Sparkles mother. Over the next couple of days, Caprice showed a mild interest in Sparkles, who tagged along behind her, but we continued to bottle feed her as Caprice refused to do so.

However, on Monday, Sparkles lost energy and her breathing became laboured. Suspecting pneumonia, I called the vet who confirmed my suspicions, and gave Sparkles an anti-biotic. She has slowly recovered, but her lack of energy has meant she has stopped following Caprice, who has correspondingly taken even less interest in her. So it looks like Sparkles will continue to be bottlefed.

Christchurch Earthquake

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

The thoughts of all New Zealanders are with the people of our city of Christchurch which suffered a devastating earthquake on 22nd February 2011. We spent an anxious few days waiting for news of friends who live and work in Christchurch, and have been relieved to find out they are all ok. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones.

There have been many enquiries from overseas about our welfare. The earthquake was centred in the City and outlying rural areas were not as badly affected as they were in the earthquake of September 2010. Here in the North Island, we did not feel the earthquake at all.

Masterton A&P Show

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

The Inaugural Masterton A&P Alpaca Show was held on 20 February 2011. This coincided with the A&P Showgrounds 100th Centenary, so was an excellent start for what promises to be a very popular alpaca show. Our judge was Paul Garland, who was delighted with the quality of the 50 fleeces exhibited, and impressed with the quality of the 37  alpacas on show. The Alpaca Place had an excellent day, starting with a 1st ribbon in the Junior White/Light Fawn fleece for Huari Cracker, which was a great win in a tough class. Cracker went on to take 2nd place in the Intermediate Male class. Cracker is now for sale as a potential stud – see our for sale page.

Other high achievers on the day were Huari HollyAnna, Champion Black, and Huari Nightshade, Reserve Champion Black, who also went on to take 2nd place in the Get of Dam competition. Giovanna (dam of Holly and Nightshade) will be available for sale later this year, so if you are looking for a quality black female, you have found her! Another champion on the day was Huari Eclipse, our young grey male, and a future stud. The Alpaca Place had entries in every colour section, and all came home with a ribbon.