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Now is a great time to buy alpacas!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

There has never been a better time to add alpacas to your hobby farm or livestyle block. While top alpacas still command impressive prices, it is now easier than ever to buy good quality, registered alpacas as pets at prices that fall within the reach of most prospective owners. It is also more important than ever to ensure you purchase your alpacas from reputable alpaca breeders like The Alpaca Place – we have heard so many sad tales from people who bought “bargains” from other inexperienced owners, or through internet auction sites, and then discovered that, without backup support from the seller, they had no idea how to manage or care for their new pets, and as a result had totally unmanageable alpacas – their dream turned nightmare.

The sweet, enchanting behaviour of alpacas is sure to steal your heart – and they cost little to feed,and with a little training  they are easy to manage, even by people who have never kept livestock before – see Why Alpacas to discover just how owning alpacas will benefit you. Then check out just what we will do to help you with your alpaca management and give us a call to arrange a farm visit. We can turn your dream into a reality. Our alpaca wethers (geldings) start from just $500 + gst, and we also have female alpacas priced to suit every budget – and the quality you desire!

Winter Solstice – Matariki

Monday, June 27th, 2011

With the shortest day officially behind us Cheryl and I took a couple of alpacas to the Matariki Fair in Carterton on 26th June.  Attending the fair was an opportunity for us to ‘talk alpaca’ with a number of people, a subject dear to our hearts. Our Alpacas For Sale board was scrutinized closely and several people took copies home to ponder.  It was bitterly cold and although we were under cover the wind was biting and we ended up moving inside. We were glad to get home to a roaring fire and hot soup that Gordon had ready for us. We weren’t surprised to find on waking the next morning that our first frost of the winter had settled on the ground and that the nearby Tararua Ranges had their first coating of snow.  Time to bring out the alpaca scarves and knitwear!

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

I have a lot of fun  writing and compiling our newsletter which is emailed out to readers every couple of months.  We get a lot of positive feedback – readers saying that the variety of useful information contained in a nutshell is both interesting and informative.  The next edition is due out early in August 2011 and discusses (among other things) “Planning Your Alpaca Farm” and “Evaluating Alpaca Fibre” which are both subjects of interest to new owners. From time to time our readers are offered “specials” that are not necessarily promoted in the Alpacas for Sale section of our website. 

The newsletter is not a website publication but if you’d like to receive it register here

The grass in the “next paddock” is greener

Friday, June 10th, 2011

This winter, for the first time, we are moving a number of our alpacas off farm.  Because most of our paddocks only get short breaks from grazing, this year we are keen to give the land a rest and winter is the ideal time to do this as the spring/summer/autumn breeding activity comes to a halt.  While pasture growth is slower in winter than in other seasons, the opportunity to lie fallow for a while helps the land to rejuvenate.  No doubt the alpacas will enjoy the change of scenery  and the fresh, green grass of their holiday home. Our alpacas for sale will remain with us to make it easy for you to make your purchases,  so do call us if you would like to take that big step into alpaca ownership. You won’t regret it!


Saturday, June 4th, 2011

We are currently weaning 3 of our young boys. For company, we have Sheridan and Calibre (see our alpacas for sale page) looking after them. Today we let them into the garden around the house. Our garden is pretty much alpaca proof (everything that can be nibbled, has been nibbled, and survived!), and the boys really enjoyed the change of scenery and the fresh grass.

We are having a quiet long weekend, without many alpaca tasks to carry out, other than doing a bit of halter training. One of the fun tasks!