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When I made my way home around 5pm yesterday it had been snowing for a couple of hours.  Anything more than a smattering of snowflakes is unusual in our valley and district although the Tararua Ranges which bound the Wairarapa Valley on the west usually is snow-covered for a few months of the year. This snow dump meant there was snow as far as we could see.  My photo shows our alpacas trying to fit like sardines into the haven of their hay shelter.  I have to say I felt sorry for them so as soon as I could I shifted them into one of our back paddocks where they could shelter under the overhanging branches of the huge trees along the southerly fenceline. This morning, although there was still snow all around,  the ground under the trees was clear of snow, and the alpacas weren’t wearing coats of snow,  so they obviously had spent the night under the trees. SMART.   The snow caused quite a bit of excitement in our community, it is something many of us had not experienced before. Today we have a bright blue sky, and the sun is out in force!

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