Now you see them, now you don’t!

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3 of our alpacas (Holly, Shirrae & Venus) had their own little adventure at the National Show! We arrived on Saturday morning ready to prepare for the days showing to find our alpacas had disappeared, leaving us with an empty pen and not much else. Nobody had seen them, nobody knew anything about them, so Liz went off to a neighbouring hall where alpacas were also penned to see if she could find them, while I headed for the AANZ stand to check if anybody had reported finding any alpacas. At first I meet with a blank response, then fortunately the alpaca breeder who had stayed overnight at the venue for security reasons heard me asking about them, and came to tell me what he knew. He said he got up at 2am and seen what he thought was a person outside one of the sheds, but when he walked closer he could see it was 3 alpacas. Of course, he didn’t know where they had come from so herded them into one of the sheds and created a make-shift pen for them in at the end of one of the walkways. But when he went to check on them at 7am, they had disappeared! The pen was still tied up as he had left in the middle of the night, but no alpacas therein!

However, by now, Liz had located our adventurous trio – another exhibitor had found them and moved them to another pen and given them food and water, so the mystery was solved, and the panic over.

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