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Liz & I finally decided to take advantage of a shearing course we did ten (10!) years ago and shear our own alpacas. With 80+ alpacas on farm, the cost of paying for a mobile shearer is now prohibitive. So we’ve done a refresher course, and are currently gettingĀ  our shearing gear set up on rollers so we can move it easily. We decided to go for a traditional shearing plant rather than a motorised handpiece as the latter is too big and heavy for us to use. So as soon as our plant is installed, we’ll be shearing our own. Nerve-wracking!

We have several females due to unpack this month, Impulse has a lovely black girl sired by our Lincoln – so Impulse is now off the market until Velvet is weaned. You should have grabbed her while she was available, look what you’ve missed out on!

Our beautiful grey boy Eclipse has been injured – probably in a (not-so) fun fight, and is seriously lame. To his disgust he is not allowed in with his mates in case they aggravate the injury, and he is now baby-sitting last year’s male weanlings.


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