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This season we have again had a number of very nice cria born, with more to come in the March/April period. Some of these are available for sale with their dams (mothers). Bethany is a real bargain with a female cria at foot, plus a free mating (valued at $800 + gst) all for an amazing $1500 + GST.  Lily also is a real bargain with a female cria at foot for just $1650 + gst, and Liz will throw in a free mating for Lily too. Some of the wee boys are also available as cria at foot when you purchase their dam – and you may score a free cria when you buy its mother!

Yulia and Ela have two young cria at foot now, Ela has a black male cria, and Yulia a dark brown female. Waiting in the wings are Angel and Annie.  Annie in particular looks about to burst – it will be interesting to see how big her cria is.

We are in the throes of managing our herd health at the moment, everyone has been dose for intestinal worms, and 1/2 the herd for AD&E.  As soon as we get more supplies, we will finish the AD&E, and also give 5-in-1 vaccine to everyone.  If you bought your alpaca from us, now is the time for you to give annual vaccinations to your herd, too 

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