Cadenza is free!

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One day recently Cadenza noticed that the “stupid person” had left the gate to her pen open.  Not one to be indecisive, she took off out of there like a rocket, excitedly running and pronking and FINALLY FREE!  Yes, she was allowed out of that pen that had been her home ever since she was two weeks old, and now actually had room to be a baby alpaca.  And now she and her mum, Harmony, share a paddock with a number of other females and cria.  Although Cadenza can “cush” (sit down with all legs tucked under her – like a cat!) she usually forgets that she can do this, and her previously broken and plastered leg which was too rigid to bend at the knee, more often than not still pokes out in front of her while her other 3 legs are tucked up underneath.  But no-one in the paddock enjoys running and pronking like she does –  she has a lot of catching up to do.

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