Fruiting Feijoa

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I’ve just added two fruiting  feijoas to the shelter belt that is slowly growing along  our driveway.  We have a selection of small shrubs growing there amongst the larger trees, as the fields alongside the fenceline are open to our New Zealand cold southerly winds which, in winter particularly, drag up cold air from the Antarctic. Its not pleasant even for heavily fleeced alpacas.  We have a single feijoa bush elsewhere which (although not a good fruiting bush) we noticed provided  a significant wind barrier.  While researching the best varieties for producing large fruit (which I enjoy when I can get them) I learned that it is best to have at least two trees to encourage cross pollination.  So we have a joint mission here, fruit for Liz, and winter shelter for the alpacas. I’m just hoping the area is not too wet for them as the water flow on our property tends towards that low point.  No doubt in time we’ll discover whether the plan has worked.

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