It’s A Girl! FINALLY!

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Our Shannelle was afflicted with a brain inflammation which caused extreme convulsions while she was still young and part way through her first pregnancy.  We feared she would die before treatment became effective but she surprised us all and pulled through.  Unfortunately she was then beset with a chronic  unidentified malady which saw her with bouts of diarrhoea every few weeks.  She lost condition, her cria aborted and she became emaciated and weak for a long, long time.  Conventional medicine failed to find a cure.  In desperation I consulted a homeopath who undertook a course of treatment which over the following couple of months gradually cured Shannelle of her continual diarrhoea and then she started to gain condition.  Wary that the recovery might not be permanent I waited another 6 months before putting her to the stud.  And yesterday, at nearly 5 years old Shannelle gave birth to her first cria – a whopping 9.2kg brown female cria.  After having watched her younger sister bring up a cria, Shannelle is very proud of her effort.  And so am I!  A photo will be coming soon.

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