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Our “river paddock” shows the signs of massive spring grass growth but we are unable to graze our alpacas there because its not fenced and the alpacas can wander along the river bank behind all the  neighbouring properties and disappear on us.  We are loathe to use electric  fencing,  knowing  first hand of alpaca deaths where they have tangled their necks in the electrified tape and died from continual multiple electric shocks.  An awful way to die . . .  HOWEVER we now have some fence posts in along the neighbour’s boundary and intend to fence off a significant part of the area over coming months, making sure we leave ourselves access to the river which is a lovely spot for swimming over summer.  Hopefully the “new” paddock will be available  for daytime grazing over winter when feed is in short supply.  (The risk of flooding in winter is such that we’ll move them as soon as it starts raining).   So, some fencing and an extension of our water trough system is literally “in the pipeline”.

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