A Party Cut Short

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We recently decided to allow our alpacas into part of our driveway to graze around the many young hedge plants there.  To protect the plants from alpacas keen to try anything new we covered each plant for around 100 metres and then carefully blocked off the rest of the driveway by parking our car, quad bike and rideon mower across the width.  It was more than an hour before the alpacas realised they could get through the gate to the lucious long grass in the driveway.  However they had not long started feasting on their delicious treat than we realised a van parked on the side of the road while the occupants looked at the alpacas had become stuck in the still wet soil.  But before we could help tow the van out we had to return the alpacas to their paddock and undo the roadblock we had placed across the roadway.  The alpacas didn’t want to leave!  “We’ve only just got to the party . . “.  It took a lot of persuasion while they “dragged the anchors” to get them back to their paddock and to get a vehicle down to help the travellers’ van back on to the roadway.  The alpacas keep looking longingly at the greener grass in the next paddock (driveway).


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