Spring heats up

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Spring is always a hectic time for us, with farm and other tasks all screaming for attention. We have a number of females in the process of being mated, or having pregnancies confirmed, shearing time is upon us, our farm tours are increasing with the start of the tourist season, and show time has arrived! The first show of the season for Liz and I is Hawkes Bay, which we attended yesterday, taking 3 of our babies for their first off-farm experience! It was a very successful day, with grey Frosted Elegance (Ellie) winning her class, while Envoy placing 2nd (from a class of 11) and Charisma a 3rd (class of 5).Our tiny Envoy also created a lot of amusement with the other exhibitors, whe he tried to wriggle out of his holding pen!

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