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At Last! The news you’ve been waiting for . . .

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Way back in early December 2014 Cheryl promised you some exciting news in February.  And here we are on the last day of the month (and NZ summer officially ends today though both tomorrow and the next day are forecast to be sunny, dry and 30 degrees Celsius) – and our big announcement is: (drum roll) – We now have on farm 3 new alpaca stud males that we imported from Australia; a proven grey stud (Marconi) who has 69 registered offspring on the ground, a ready-to-work black male (Masterclass) and a younger black boy who still has a wee bit of growing up to do (Black Jack) who will waiting in the wings till next year.  We’ll try to get photos and details up on our stud males’ page over the new few weeks.  We are very positive these boys will bring improvement to our black and grey herds, they have great pedigrees (and  that matters) and all are broad ribbon winners on the highly competitive show circuit in Australia.

Wild & Windy Weather

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

We’ve had a number of very windy days and inevitably some trees here at The Alpaca Place have fallen victim to it, losing branches and creating problems for us as sometimes they have been caught by lower branches and are just sitting there high above our heads waiting for the opportunity to crash to the ground.  The leaves on those that are easily accessible to us are being fed to the alpacas.  Its a real treat for them at this time of year when the ground is dry and pasture is short.  Once the foliage has all gone the branches will be cut up by chainsaw and stored away for winter firewood.