Concrete water trough – on the move

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Changes to fencelines over the last few years have meant we ended up with 3 water troughs in one paddock, and none in another, so we decided to relocate one – a distance of about 30 feet. However there were 2 fences in the way, with a row of shelter trees in between, so it needed to be moved around in a big circle (through 3 paddocks, a distance of about 100 yards) to the new location. Added to this, it is a concrete trough, and extremely heavy! As the trough is too heavy to lift onto a trailer, we decided to use a hand trolley, and muscle power. Heres how it went:

Trough was dug out from original location using just these

The concrete trough was levered out of its original position using a spade,

a wooden batton, some posts for a pivot and stones to prevent the trough

from falling back to its original position.

The trough was then levered onto the handtrolley:

Ready to move


Cheryl then set off on the trek through the paddocks, much to the fascination of the resident alpacas!


Cheryl wheels trough to new location


And finally, trough is in its new location, ready to be installed. If you look closely you can see old location peeping out behind Cheryl’s left elbow.

Now in new location - old location can be seen just behind Cheryl's left elbow

Now in new location – old location can be seen just behind Cheryl’s left elbow

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