Weaning time for Declan

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Huari Scuptor's Image, aka Declan, aged 6 months

Huari Scuptor’s Image, aka Declan, aged 6 months

Having reached 6 months of age, it is time for Declan to be weaned, and his mother has now been shifted to a paddock at the far end of our farm, while Declan remains with his young friends. Time for registration too, as we plan to exhibit Declan at the New Zealand National Alpaca Show later this year. He is turning into a lovely young male, so we feltĀ “Declan” was not suitable as his registered name, and he has been renamed. Descended from the famous Jolimont Sculptor through both his sire and his dam, it seemed applicable to recognise this famous stud, and now Declan’s official name is Sculptor’s Image. Looks like he’ll still be known as Declan at home, though!

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