Spring is here – and the alpacas are heading home

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Most of our alpaca herd wintered off site this year, as we waited for our re-grassed paddocks to grow. Now that spring is here, we are starting to bring them home. Most of the boys are now home, headed by our top studs, Flash and Marconi, who are already eyeing the girls, and two trailer loads of girls have also made it home. Two of our pregnant girls made it home yesterday, so we gave them both a pregnancy scan, and I was particularly delighted that Quintessence gave a positive scan – at 5 years old this is her first cria. We held off mating Essie at a younger age as we were overstocked, and she had no luck getting pregnant at first – however, a change of male worked wonders, and we eagerly look forward to this cria, sired by Gold Flash.

Qintessence, aka Essie

Quintessence, aka Essie

Gold Flash



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