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Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Just yesterday, we discovered one of weanlings with a slight head tremor, typical of staggers. We knew she couldn’t have rye grass staggers, as not only is it the wrong time of year, being winter here in NZ, but we don’t have any ryegrass. However, a number of years ago I did a study on the different types of staggers, and wrote the results up in an article in the Health and Welfare section of our website. So although I remembered there were 3 different types of staggers, I couldn’t remember what the additional 2 were, or their treatments. So I looked up our trusty website, and found Tiffany fitted the profile for PE – staggers that normally occur mid-winter, when there is a lot of fungal activity going on. With a damp and mild winter, we have had fungus growing in odd spots around the farm. The result an be a thiamine deficiency, and the treatment – B12.

Our website is a great resource – even for us!