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  • Breeding & Reproduction
  • Training & Handling

    These terms are often used interchangeably, but in general, we regard training as teaching the alpaca to respond in a desired manner to verbal or non-verbal clues, and handling as how we work with the animal. For example, teaching an animal to move when its lead rope is lightly tugged, is training.  Teaching it to Read more…

  • Farm Management

    We have a number of farm management articles available, covering stock rotation, poisonous plants, soil and much more. Click the read more links to see the full article below.

  • Shearing & Fibre

    We recommend reading Evaluating Alpaca Fibre by Delphi Alpacas, USA. Other Articles by us:

  • Green Alpacas!

    For those who are environment conscious, alpacas are ideal! Alpacas are cle5an, green, and can contribute to organic farming procedures.  Alpacas have been domesticated for more than 4,000 years, and are nature’s most environmentally friendly farm animals. They are sensitive to their habitat in every respect.  The following physical attributes allow alpacas to maintain their Read more…

  • Health and Welfare

    Alpacas are generally very healthy animals, with few succumbing to disease. Most South American alpacas receive minimal or no veterinary care, and only the strong survive. Here in New Zealand we currently reap the benefit of the “survival of the fittest” technique, as most New Zealand born alpacas are only a few generations away from Read more…

  • Show Types

    There are 4 types of alpaca shows:. Full Fleece Breed. Huacaya alpacas are shown with not more than 15 months fleece (they must have been shorn within the last 15 months, or be younger than 15 months of age). Suri alpacas must be shorn within 3 years of the show. The alpaca is judged on Read more…

  • Showing Alpacas

    New Zealand Alpaca Shows For many people, alpaca shows are the first opportunity they had to see alpacas up close, to learn about their unique personalities, and about the industry in general.  A large proportion of New Zealand’s alpaca owners first saw alpacas at show and started on their alpaca journey from that point. Even Read more…