Birthing Kit

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If you are breeding alpacas, it is essential that you maintain a Birthing Kit within easy reach. In most instances, alpacas give birth without difficulty but 5% to 10% of alpacas will have some birthing or neo-natal difficulty. We recommend you always call your vet as soon as it becomes obvious your hembra or her cria are in difficulties, but sometimes emergency aid from you may be needed to keep cria alive until your vet arrive.

We always recommend you keep plasma on hand and have your vet administer this to any at-risk cria as soon as possible after birth. See Plasma Infusion for more information.

Items in your Birthing Kit should include:

  • Betadine – in a spray bottle
  • Disinfectant
  • Disposable gloves
  • Towels – both fabric and paper
  • Cria Cover
  • Rectal Thermometer – normal temperature is 36.8° to 38.6 °
  • Scales – preferably hanging ones, but you can use bathroom scales on a solid surface
  • Strong,thick, soft cord (although your vet should have their own)
  • Bottle of water-based lubrication
  • Vets phone number
  • Plasma or colostrum substitute
  • Umbilical Cord clamps
  • Anlamb milk substitute- in case you have to bottle feed
  • Plastic soft drink bottle (sterilise in Milton or similar)
  • Lamb teats
  • Torch – for those rare nighttime emergencies

Don’t wait – have these items on hand before you need them! Your cria’s life may depend on your being prepared