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All new or intending breeders have a budget! However the size of the budget can vary enormously, from a few thousand to tens of thousands. This page is dedicated to those people who have a limited budget. If you have a larger budget, we suggest you read “The Quality Route to Breeding Success”

There are many articles written on the “ideal” alpaca, particularly in relation to the purchase of your first animals. Unfortunately many would-be alpaca owners simply cannot afford the prices such an animal would command. However, at this point in time  in  New Zealand, it is still possible to purchase lower priced females with poor fleece or less than ideal conformation, and by judicious choice of sires, improve the quality of your stock, until after 4-5 generations “great-grandma” has very little influence on the resulting generations.In just two generations, you can significantly improve the quality of  your “line” and breed a high quality alpaca

In just two generations, you can breed a good quality alpaca
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Other “budget” methods of acquiring alpacas can be the purchase of elderly females – with proper nutrition a hembra can continue to raise cria until she is in her late teens – such females are often ideal for the beginner as they are experienced in giving birth and mothering their cria. However breeding from older females does involve supplementary feeding on a daily basis during the latter part of the pregnancy and lactation periods., but many consider that a very viable option for getting into the alpaca industry. alternatively, If you purchase your alpacas from The Alpaca Place, and take advantage of our extended purchase plan, (payment over 12 months) we will agist your female at no charge for up to 1 year. Call us now to find out how you can benefit from our interest-free, no agistment fee, extended purchase plans!

Do not be tempted to sacrifice health or serious genetic faults in return for a lower price. Nor should you look at a female with reproductive problems, no matter what her price.

It is sometimes possible to purchase a pregnant female from $1500. You will need to team her with a wether, or a non-breeding female to keep her company.

Maiden females (alpacas that have never been mated) are often cheaper as you are taking a risk that the female concerned may be infertile, in which case you have totally lost the money you invested in this alpaca. On the rare occasions that  The Alpaca Place offers a maiden for sale, we include a fertility guarantee to protect your investment. A female pregnant with her first cria is a safer bet (at least you know she can get pregnant) but you still have no indication of her mothering ability. The safest bet for a novice breeder is to purchase a  pregnant alpaca who has already successfully raised at least 1 cria. We have alpacas for sale that will meet your needs. Call us now!

However, having acquired your “base” stock, the judicious selection of suitable sires is paramount.

For most people starting out, the small size of the female herd dictates purchasing the services of a stud male belonging to an established breeder. Stud fees can vary widely, and while premium stud males may deserve the stud fee charged, if you own a poor quality female, paying $1000 or more for a stud fee may not be economic, as if a male cria is born as a result, its value as a wether may be much less than the stud fee paid.

It may well be that a medium quality stud male may give you the initial improvement you desire, for a stud fee that will enable you to recover most of your costs in the event of a male cria. Such stud fees start around $800 – allowing you to recoup most of your expenses.

Don’t forget that customers of The Alpaca Place get a range of discounts on Stud Services that can save you hundreds of dollars a year. The benefits of purchasing your alpacas from us are enormous!

It is absolutely vital when following such a programme that the stud used is always better than the female being mated. In this way each succeeding generation is a better quality than its female parent.

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