DNA Parent Verification

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When the Alpaca Association of New Zealand separated their Registry from Australia (approx. 2010), and renamed the NZ Registry, IAR(NZ), it also opened the way for further initiatives to be developed for the NZ Registry.

One of the most important of these initiatives was the ability to scientifically determine alpaca parentage by DNA testing, thus removing the possibility of inaccuracies in the recording of pedigrees. For many years , Certified Stud Males have been required to have their DNA recorded as part of the Certification process, which enables them to be used as Stud Males on the Register. However, there is no such requirement for registered breeding females. As it was clearly impossible to go back into ancient history to record the DNA of these females, the AANZ decided that any registered female could have her DNA recorded, thus allowing her to become a foundation DNA recorded alpaca, and allowing her cria to have DNA Parent Verification on a voluntary basis.

At The Alpaca Place, Liz and Cheryl immediately saw the benefits to purchasers being able to be confident that the alpaca they were buying had the parentage stated on it’s pedigree, and immediately started a programme of DNA recording their top females, and using DNA Parent Verification for the cria of those females. In 2015, following enhancements to the IAR(NZ) where a Parent Verified logo was now displayed in the Registry search engine, and pedigrees also displayed this logo against all DNA Parent Verified alpacas within a pedigree, Liz and Cheryl further made a commitment to DNA record all females in our herd, and Parent Verify all those registered offspring that were eligible, including as many of our stud males as possible.

Pedigree Matters! Whenever you are selecting an alpaca for purchase or contemplating buying a stud service for your female, a study of the pedigree is one of your most important tools, as it gives you an indication of the genetic makeup of that animal. If you make a study of the industries iconic sires and females, you will quickly learn to look for those names in the pedigree of any alpaca you are considering. The genetic makeup of an alpaca is more important than it’s appearance, or even fleece quality, and you will make smarter purchases when you utilise pedigree as part of your purchasing arsenal. We recommend that in the future, you make DNA Parent Verification a condition of your purchase – or at the least, that the DNA of your purchase has been recorded so you can value add to her cria with DNA Parent Verification.

By DNA recording and DNA Parent Verifying our entire herd, you can buy with confidence from The Alpaca Place, knowing the pedigree of your purchase has been scientifically proven.