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Prudence’s Story:

On the advice of an experienced alpaca homeopath we tried administering Sepia to  an alpaca who has a diagnosed hormone imbalance which made her extremely ill-tempered and confrontational during late pregnancy and the early post-natal period. Having discussed this behaviour with a number of other alpaca breeders we have concluded that there are many hembra whose grumpy behaviour can be addressed with Sepia.

While Prudence had a reasonably settled pregnancy she was quite out of character immediately after her cria arrived.  Usually a caring Mum she rejected the cria – becoming quite nasty when he tried to feed, biting him and pushing him away.  However, if we tried to touch him she became highly protective of him and very aggressive, even spitting at us and threatening to push us out of the way.  We checked her for mastitis but there was no obvious abnormality and in fact her cria had never gotten close enough to Mum to cause any pain if she did have a mastitis problem.  We had to bottle feed the cria during that first day as there was no way Mum would let him feed.

That evening we orally gave her a single dose of Sepia 30c (dissolved in 1-2 ml of water in a syringe tube).  Next morning Prudence had stopped biting the cria but still would not let him close enough to feed so we gave her another dose.  By 2pm she was feeding him and we had no further problem of aggression either towards her cria or towards people.

Prudence was mild mannered for months afterwards, and only towards the end of her most recent pregnancy did her behaviour deteriorate.  If you have an irritable pregant girl we suggest you dose her twice with Sepia a couple of days apart.  It is important that it absorbed by the tongue and cheeks rather than by digestion so using a syringe is ideal.
Sepia is available for around $10 a bottle at your local homeopathic pharmacy or health store.