Intraperitoneal Infusion of Alpaca Plasma

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The following procedure must be administered by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. Geoff Neal has supplied these instructions for you to pass on to your Vet if they are unfamiliar with this procedure in alpacas.

Intraperitoneal Infusion of Alpaca Plasma

Procedure for veterinary administration of plasma to alpaca cria

1. Thaw plasma in a water bath DO NOT USE MICROWAVE

2. Plasma is administered intraperitoneal on the RIGHT upper flank of the cria

3. 1 mg Butorphanol sedation for cria who are standing or fractious to handling

4. Clip the right upper flank region

5. Surgical preparation of site

6. Make a small lidocaine (local) bleb in the skin in the prepped area

7. Alcohol spray the site

8. Lay cria on left side – left lateral recumbency

9. Using a #15 scalpel make a small stab incision through the skin

10. Use a 16g catheter or sterile teat canula to penetrate through the abdominal muscles. Tent the body wall up when penetrating muscles to avoid organs

11. Connect IV giving set (+/- filter) to the thawed plasma and run through the cannula or catheter

12. Plasma should be at body temperature (37.5 ° – 38°)

13. Can run in 300ml unit in 15-20 minutes or as fast as can go without causing discomfort in the cria

14. May have to tent the skin every so often to allow plasma to flow properly.

15. Single stitch or superglue incision when finished

16. Cover cria with 5 day penicillin (tricarcillin is best if you can obtain it) Incorporate gentamicin into antibiotic coverage as well if cria is sick