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Shearing & Fibre

We recommend reading Evaluating Alpaca Fibre by Delphi Alpacas, USA.

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  • Shearing

    Shearing is important as an animal welfare issue as alpacas do not shed their fleece. They have an exceptionally thermal fleece, and will overheat (see Heat Stress) in summer if their fleece is not regularly removed – most alpacas need to be shorn annually, although some with slower growing fleece may take a little longer. Read more…

  • Shearing Restraint

    There are two main methods of shearing – while the animal is standing, or laying the animal on its side and tying it in such a manner that it is unable to stand until released. The first is probably less stressful for the animal, but few alpacas are quiet and tame enough to reliably stand Read more…

  • Fibre Testing and Histograms

    The only way to know what quality fleece your alpacas are producing is to have it professionally tested. There are several wool testing services available (this is sheep country after all!). There seems to be quite a range of charges too! Whichever service you choose, you should be supplied with a “histogram” for each individual Read more…