Shearing & Fibre

We recommend reading Evaluating Alpaca Fibre by Delphi Alpacas, USA.

Another great link: All About Alpaca Fibre Farming – This website has been well researched and impartially presented regarding the attributes of alpaca, and with fair comparisons to other fibres. It is an in-depth evaluation of farming alpaca for fibre, and thoroughly recommended. As Apple Mountain alpacas are based in the USA, it is obviously slanted towards conditions in the USA, however these can easily be re-applied to whatever country you live in. I would point out however, that the USA is not the only country where breeders specialising in coloured alpacas out number those breed only white alpacas: in  New Zealand, there are only very few farms specialising in white alpacas, and both our coloured and white alpacas are world class.