Health and Welfare

Alpacas are generally very healthy animals, with few succumbing to disease. Most South American alpacas receive minimal or no veterinary care, and only the strong survive. Here in New Zealand we currently reap the benefit of the “survival of the fittest” technique, as most New Zealand born alpacas are only a few generations away from Chilean or Peruvian imports.

On the other hand, there are some conditions here in New Zealand that Alpacas have never before encountered and they are susceptible to these, the most notable beingĀ Facial Eczema, and Rickets (caused by a lack of Vitamin D). Rye grass staggers are another risk faced by alpacas in New Zealand, and we will discuss theseĀ  items in greater detail on other pages (see Index below).

It is worth pointing out that health issues that have been identified as risks to alpacas are common to all traditional livestock species. Alpacas may be viewed as “exotic”, but they do not have exotic diseases or health issues! Please note: Articles on these pages are intended as informational only. In all cases where your alpaca’s health is involved, you should consult your Veterinary Surgeon!