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There are 4 types of alpaca shows, and the type of show will be stipulated in the Show Schedule:

Full Fleece Breed

Huacaya alpacas are shown with not more than 15 months fleece (they must have been shorn within the last 15 months, or be younger than 15 months of age). Suri alpacas must be shorn within 3 years of the show. The alpaca is judged on the quality of its fibre, evenness of colour, and conformation.

Short Fleece Breed

Normally applies to Huacaya only, who have a recommended minimum fleece length of 30mm, and a maximum of 60cm. Usually held in conjunction with a full fleece suri breed show. The alpaca is judged in the same manner as a full fleece show.

Fleece Show

Normally held in conjunction with one of the other 3 show types. The shorn fleece is judged on its quality.


This type of show has fallen out of favour, however there may still be some around. These shows are designed for showing alpacas that have been recently shorn, and generally take place in mid-summer. The classes are divided into fleece and conformation classes, which are judged separately using a points system. The points are then tallied, and overall or composite winners are determined as the alpacas with the highest combined fleece and conformation points. This is a variation from standard judging where the fleece is judged on the alpaca, and the Judge chooses the best alpaca in the ring based on a combination of fleece and conformation, with fleece being regarded as slightly more important than conformation.

These 4 show types are then further  divided into either “Age Based” or “Colour Based”:

Age Based

Shows have classes that are defined by age, with championships are awarded in each age groups and the Supreme Champion selected from the champions in each age group. Age Group Shows may include Colour Championships for the best of each colour, these are judged after the Supreme Championship has been awarded.

Colour Based

Shows have classes defined by colour , and Championships are awarded in each Colour Group. The Supreme Champion is selected from the best of each colour.