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At The Alpaca Place, we use the power of pedigree to unleash the genetic potential in our alpacas – with outstanding results. We carefully research alpaca pedigrees to ensure alpacas of distinction are included in the bloodlines of our alpacas to provide a powerful genetic heritage. Supported by DNA Parent Verification, you can be confident the genetics you are investing in are genuine and accurate, enabling you to take your breeding programme to a higher level, whether you are just starting out,  or wishing to improve your existing herd.

We are worth travelling for! Females available from $1500 – we encourage farm visits to help you decide which alpaca is best for you. Our pet males come to you halter-trained and already wethered (castrated), saving you time and money. Interest-free finance is available through our Extended Payment Option (NZ buyers only)


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Females under $2000

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Category: Females under $2000

Pregnant female: exciting range of colour options for her cria!

IAR: 1017647 | Colour: Medium brown | DOB: 09/04/2016 | Cria Due: September 2019

April is a dainty, perfectly conformed little female with great potential as a breeding alpaca. She is expecting a cria in spring 2019. Of course, as per our commitment at The Alpaca Place, April’s parentage has been verified by DNA and she is halter trained to boot. A great little starter alpaca, April’s father , Huari Lincoln, was a black and she therefore carries that colour genetically although she herself is a very pretty medium brown.

April’s fleece is very dense and at around 30 micron is of commercial quality. By using April to start your breeding herd, you can bring about fleece improvement to the next generation simply by breeding April with a fine fleeced male in future.

April has been mated to our very handsome young grey male stud NZ Eikon Chico. Both April and Chico have excellent conformation and are likely to produce a very attractive cria for you. To put you in the draw for just about everything, she could produce a black, a silver grey, a rose grey, a brown or a fawn cria from this mating.

Price: $1850.00 (NZD) + GST


Females $2000-$5000

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Category: Females $2000-$5000

Breeding Female, DNA Parent Verified: look at her grey cria!

IAR: 1011293 | Colour: Rose Grey: appears Dark Brown with attractive highlights | DOB: 18/02/2012

Tessa has confirmed ability as a breeding female. Sired by our black, Huari Lincoln, Tessa has proven that although she appears to be (and is registered as) a dark brown, she is in fact, a rose grey. She has the potential to breed grey (both silver and rose), black, brown and even fawn cria.
Tessa has been DNA parentage verified, so you know the wealth of quality alpacas in her pedigree adds to her value! Just look at her illustrious heritage: her pedigree includes well-respected alpacas such as ILR Alpine Fibers Brutus (Imp USA), who was sired by all-time great American stud Peruvian Hemingway, Pinjarra Microsoft (sired by Purrumbete Highlander, and a grandson of Purrumbete El Dorado, both outstanding Australian sires),  and ILR Pperuvian Pluro, a well known USA import to Australia.

Gallery shows Tessa’s cria to date: all under 20 micron first shear.

Price: $3400 (NZD) + GST



Strathellon Paloma

Category: Females $2000-$5000

Pregnant female

IAR: 1009965 | Colour: Solid White | DOB: 24/01/2014 | Cria Due: Autumn 2020

With a pedigree stacked with high quality ancestors, Paloma is a quality breeding female with a long breeding life ahead of her. Her pedigree includes such alpacas of renown as Jolimont Conquistador, Jolimont Warrior, ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate,  and Somerset Peruvian Challenge. All of these high quality alpacas have inserted value to Paloma’s conformation and fibre characteristics. And when paired with our Arcady Zegna she produced a stunning male cria in February 2019.

At her last shearing (4 years old)  Paloma had 23 micron fleece with a 90.4% comfort factor.

She has been remated to our top quality dark fawn male, Arcady Zegna. Zegna has a lustrous, dense, crimpy fleece, and at 12 years old he was still only 25 micron with an SD of only 3.9 – almost unheard of for an alpaca of his age. The son of two champions, Zegna himself was successful in the Australian show ring before being exported to New Zealand after just one year of stud duty in Australia. 

Price: $3000.00 (NZD) + GST



Category: Females $2000-$5000

Breeding Female

IAR: 1000276 | Colour: Solid Black | DOB: 02/03/2017

Saffron is a young, densely fleeced black female whose fleece has a nice crimp and is eminently suitable for processing with Her parents were both imported from Australia and her parentage has been verified by DNA. Saffron’s sire is Gunnamatta Marconi, a grey who was ahead of his time, and her dam is Coonawarra Azalia, a grand-daughter of one of Australia’s top blacks ever, Coonawarra Julius – in NZ Saffron has unique parentage which will stand her in good stead as a breeder who offers something different in your herd.


Price: $3200.00 (NZD) + GST



Category: Females $2000-$5000

DNA Sire Verified

IAR: 1013385 | Colour: Medium Fawn | DOB: 09/12/2013

Brenna is an attractive medium fawn female with a good standard of fleece. Halter-trained and easy to handle, she comes from a family that has, over several generations, produced a whopping 75% ratio of female cria! She has had her sire, NZ Eikon Woolmaster,  verified by DNA, and has a good solid pedigree that includes lot of quality alpacas: Cedar House Woolmaker2, Purrumbete Inti, Coricancha Brujo (sired by Purrumbete Highlander), Somerset Peruvian Dandy (sired by Somerset Peruvian Sensation), NZ Southern Calypso (descended from both Purrumbete Inti and Purrumbete Ledgers Dream).

This is a solid foundation on which to build your future! 

Brennas fleece stats include: Brennas first fleece was 19 micron and 97% comfort factor, and her 2nd was 23 micron with 90% comfort factor. At 5 years old her last fleece was 28.9 micron, so it has only slowly increased in pace with her age.

Brenna kept to her family tradition by producing a female cria to Egmont Hunter, we are delighted with her quality as she proves Brenna to be every bit the breeder we knew she would be. Tosca has now been weaned, and Benna is back on the market for a discerning buyer.

Price: $3200 (NZD) + GST


Females $5000-$10000

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Category: Females $5000-$10000

Pregnant female - expect an elite level cria!

IAR: 1013383 | Colour: Light fawn | DOB: 21/12/2013 | Cria Due: Autumn 2020

NZ Eikon Charisma is a high quality alpaca who has had multiple show successes including 2016 Supreme Champion Fleece at the Masterton A&P Show, and 2nd place Junior Female Light Fawn Fleece at the prestigious NZ National Show 2015 proving beyond doubt that this is a superior female. She comes from a family of champions.
Charisma has a beautiful crimpy, lustrous fleece indicative of her pedigree which includes such notable males as Jolimont Sculptor, Jolimont Attitude and Jolimont Conquistador as well as ILR Ppperuvian Legend and Sierra Vista Emon. Her parentage has been verified by DNA.

Charisma is halter-trained, and a dream to lead!

Last shearing on 8-Nov-2018 produced 2.03 kg (5th fleece).
Sample statistics: Mean=24.70, CV=17.6%, SD=4.30, SF=23.39, CF=90.4%.

Charisma’s first fleece was 19 micron fleece with a 99% comfort factor and SD of 3.7 .  Its still a gorgeous soft-handling fleece!

Charisma has been remated to Arcady Zegna. Zegna had a short but impressive show career in Australia, which included Supreme Huacaya Fleece at the Royal Adelaide show in 2005 before being exported to NZ. This cria will benefit not only from Charisma’s impressive pedigree but also from that of Zegna -expect an elite quality cria! Ask to see her previous cria from the same pairing.


Empire Rose

Category: Females $5000-$10000

Pregnant female: cria expected to be Elite level

IAR: 1011291 | Colour: Medium Fawn | DOB: 08/12/2011 | Cria Due: 24/9/2019

Empire Rose is a well built female coated in gold! She has been Parentage verified using DNA, so you know her outstanding pedigree is genuine! Classic studs included in her pedigree include Purrumbeti Inti, Purrumbete El Dorado and Jolimont Sculptor – and Empire Rose is definitely the quality product of her pedigree. Whether you have an established quality herd, or are just starting out, Empire Rose should definitely be added to your herd!

Empire Rose annually shears more than 3.5kg fleece with a lovely dense blanket. Her 1st shear stats were: Mean 20µ, sv 4.17, comfort factor 98.3%. As is normal, her fleece has strengthened as she has aged, her last stats at 4 years old were mean 27µ, sv 4.7, comfort factor 80.2%, so her fleece has stayed consistent.

Empire Rose has been mated to Highway Star Gold Flash (Light Fawn). Gold Flash is also DNA Parent Verified, his sire being the world famous Jolimont Attitude, and grandsire, the well-known Australian stud, Jolimont Sculptor. This cria will have an enviable depth of pedigree featuring some of the top alpacas in the world!

Empire Rose has had 2 previous cria sired by Gold Flash – Empire Dawn and Strike, who had first fleece stats of 16.6 and 17 micron respectively, putting them well into the Elite class,  and we are confident her current pregnancy will yield another elite alpaca.

Price: $5800.00 (NZD) + GST



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Colourful Pair – Margeau and Matisse

Category: Packages

A bargain breeding pair $4500 +gst

Colour: Matisse is brown, Margeau is a dark medium fawn | Cria Due: Autumn 2020

These very attractive young females are for sale together as they are very close friends. They have been together since birth and have no family members in our herd. Both were born in October 2017 – Ecosse Matisse (IAR 1019337)  and Ecosse Margeau (IAR 1019333) are both pregnant for the first time with their cria due in autumn 2020. Matisse’s as-yet-unborn cria is sired by Egmont Hunter, a white male who has proven he carries black, so this unborn cria will keep you guessing as to its colour – it could be white brown or black! Margeau has been mated to a different male – our highly regarded Arcady Zegna.  Margeau’s first fleece produced a pretty 19.4 micron crimpy fleece with a 98% comfort factor, so you can expect a great fleece from their offspring.

Price: $4500 (NZD) + GST


Blackbird and Merle

Category: Packages

Pair of young black females

Colour: Black

These two young black females are the best of friends – born in December 2017, only 3 weeks separates them in age, and they are due to be mated in Spring 2019, after which they won’t be this price again.  –  so get in quick to start your breeding plan.

Both these young girls feature a number of Canchones alpacas in their pedigrees – Canchones having a unequaled reputation in Australia for breeding quality black alpacas – –  giving you a great start to owning and breeding the ever popular black alpacas


Price: $3960.00 (NZD) + GST



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Category: Studs

Certified Stud Male in stunning grey

IAR: 1016211 | Colour: Medium Grey | DOB: 06/03/2015

NZ Icon Chico is an eye catching grey male with excellent conformation, and fertility, his first cria arriving on the ground Easter 2019 – and her photos show her to be a very pretty dark grey – her owners are delighted!
Chico is sired by our multiple prize winner, Huari Eclipse, also a grey. Through his sire, Chico is descended from such industry icons as Peruvian Hemingway and Coonawarra Julius, with along other well-known alpacas such as ILR Alpine Fibres Brutus and Somerset Peruvian Black Reign, as well as Pejo Rebel, and on his dams side, ILR Peruvian Drambuie. Chico has been DNA Parent Verified, so you know his pedigree is accurate.

Chicos fleece has been in strong demand from home spinners, who often specify they want his fleece.

Price: $2000 (NZD) + GST



Yaringa Masterclass

Category: Studs

Imported Black stud male (Australia)

IAR: 183244 | Colour: Solid Black | DOB: 10/04/2012

Sired by Coonawarra Gladiator (arguably the best black in Australia), we are proud to include Masterclass in our sales line upMasterclass is a solid black alpaca of Peruvian descent, and has an impeccable pedigree that includes names of note such as Coonawarra Julius, Coonawarra Dorchester, Purrumbete Highlander, NWA Ruffo and Timbertop The Scud.

Australian Show Record:

Intermediate Black Male Strathalbyn Show 2013 1stReserve ChampionBest Black in Show
Adult Black Male Clare Show 2013 1st
Adult Black Male Mt Pleasant Show 2014 1st
Adult Black Male Alpacafest 2014 1st
Adult Black Male SA Colour Classic 2014 2nd
Adult Black Fleece SA Colour Classic 2014 2nd
Adult Black Male Victorian Colourbration 2014 Highly Commended
Adult Black Fleece Victorian Colourbration 2014 2nd
Adult Black Male Strathalbyn Show 2014 3rd
Adult Black Fleece Strathalbyn Show 2014 1st
Adult Black Fleece Clare Show 2014 2nd

Price: $8000.00 (NZD) + GST



Egmont Hunter

Category: Studs

Will consider a swap with a registered female

IAR: 1004118 | Colour: Solid White

A solid white sired by the fabulous Silverstream Faberge, Supreme Champion at the 2010 Alpaca Association National Show. Faberge has now been exported to Europe, so males sired by him are keenly sought after!

DNA Sire Verified, Hunter has a pedigree recognised as superior by New Zealand alpaca breeders, including such alpacas as PERUVIAN HEMINGWAY G171 (USA), ILR ALPINE FIBER’S BRUTUS (Imp. U.S.A), ILR PERUVIAN DON JULIO G159 (Imp. U.S.A), PUCARA JULIANA (Aus), NWA LTD RUFFO G4574 (Imp. U.S.A) plus others. Pucara Juliana deserves a special mention as she is the dam of numerous Supreme Champion winners, including at least 3 AANZ National Show Supremes!

Hunter is a smaller statured male, but manages to pump out the fleece anyway – he averages over 4 1/2 kilo every shear!  Add to this his crimpy fleece, and low micron for age, and you have a very desirable package. His cria have impressed us with dense, soft fleeces – Hunter has the potential to sire many valuable cria.

Price: $2000 (NZD) + GST


Geronimo – certified stud

Category: Studs

Will consider a swap with a registered female

IAR: 1011288 | Colour: Medium Fawn | DOB: 01/03/2012

Sired by Australian Import, Forestglen Lion Heart,  Geronimo  (DNA Sire Verified) has an attractive, naturally upright carriage with a soft handling crimpy fleece. His sire brings the iconic Purrumbete Inti and Purrumbete El Dorado into his pedigree which features other well known studs such as Cedar House Brave Heart and Somerset Peruvian Challenge. His dam, Sumerset Peruvian Angel (also imported from Australia), had a 25 micron fleece at 12 years old, and it still feels great. With heritage like this, Geronimo has potential plus! Take a look at his pedigree – click here

Fleece Stats: First shearing on 10-Nov-2012 produced 1.73 kgs (1st fleece- 8 months growth).Sample statistics: FD=18.36, CV=20.6%, SD=378.00, SF=17.81, CF=99.6%. Last Shearing (3rd fleece) on 13 Nov 2014 produced 4.5kg fibre, FD= 25.82, CV= 15.3%, SD=3.8, SF=23.11, comfort factor 94%

Geronimo’s first cria have now hit the ground, and we are impressed with their quality, showing significant improvement on their dams. If you are looking for a first stud, Geronimo is a great choice to add both frame and fibre to your herd.


 Show Results:
  Show Date   Show_Name   Class_Name   Place_Name


2013 Masterton A&P Show Junior Male – 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2013 Masterton A&P Show Champion Mid/Dark Fawn



2013 Horowhenua AP&I Show Junior Male 6-12 months Medium/Dark Fawn



2012 Hawkes Bay Show Junior Male – 6-9 months Medium/Dark Fawn


Price: $2000.00 (NZD) + GST



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Category: Wethers

Colour: Dark Brown

Named for astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Buzz is an attractive, well mannered wether (gelding) who is easy to catch, halter and lead. His fleece is soft and crimpy, and he will make you a delightful pet!