Females $2000-$5000

IAR: 1015628 | Colour: Grey: Unusual grey with rose and gold tones throughout | DOB: 13/12/2014

 Annastasia’s name means “resurrection” and so it becomes apparent why we named her young cria Phoenix (now weaned). Annastasia is a most unusual colour. She is registered as a tuxedo rose grey/roan however she very definitely looks like a classic rose grey (not a roan) UNTIL you open up her fleece and there it is: silver grey. Every time she is shorn the true grey colour is very obvious. 

Although Annastasia’s fleece is not fine we have a regular buyer for her fleece who told Cheryl she wants it again this year because “it is a most delightful carded alpaca fleece, grey with interesting brown, gold tones through it. Oh my goodness, it has to be the best alpaca fleece I have ever worked with, spins up a dream and is so buttery soft.” She was disappointed to find that Cheryl had decided to keep the fleece for processing herself this year since it makes up into such an unusual coloured wool. If you’re into spinning this girl obviously has a fleece with appeal.

Make us an offer – we plan to meet the market!

Price: $2000.00 (NZD) + GST

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