Pasture management


Pasture management
How to regrass:
Regenerative Farming
Heres an approach to pasture management that is sustainable and bio-friendly. I am sure your alpacas would thrive with this system

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

List of, and descriptions for, poisonous plants

Mixed Pastures for Organic Livestock and Cropping Systems

An Article written by David Musgrave for the Central Organic Growers Technology Transfer Project. David has a Masters degree in Agronomy, and spent 14 years working for MAF Research, and now farms his own organic farm. Essential reading if you are considering regrassing your pasture, even if you don’t wish to farm organically.

Small Kiwi Farms

We believe that many New Zealanders have difficulty finding the information and contacts they need when establishing a small holding. The Small Kiwi Farms directory was created to fill this need and provide access to the most informative and useful resources for small farms and lifestyle block owners in New Zealand. We hope that browsing this directory will make would-be lifestyle block owners not only aware of the exciting possibilities, but also the difficulties that are sometimes faced.

Lifestyle Block

Hundreds of information-packed articles in the lifestyle file covering just about everything you need to know about rural living. If you’re looking to buy and sell then check out the classifieds and if you want to ask for advice, or offer it, then head to our lively forums.  While you’re here, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be in to win!

Alpacas in the UK: A beginners guide


Facial Eczema, causes and prevention

Barbers Pole worm and Farmacha Eye Chart



Evaluating Alpaca Fibre

How to evaluate alpaca fibre, an article by Linda Bat, Delphi Alpacas, USA. An extremely informative article which will help you learn how to distinguish between good fibre and poor.


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Organisations & Publications

Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association

American Owners & Breeders Association
Australian Alpaca Association

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Area Conversions – plus a host of others!
Percentage Calculators
Conversion between decimals & fractions
Conversion between fahrenheit & Celcius                                                                                                                                                                             Currency Converter


Find an alpaca Vet

Manawatu Vetservice
Vet Service
Shagbark Ridge Llamas