Our Commitment


Our knock-your-socks-off commitment to you means you can buy with total confidence. When you consider buying alpacas you will have many questions, and we are available to answer all of them! If you are a first-time buyer, we will walk alongside you as you go through the decision-making process (are alpacas right for me? is my property suitable?), and then we will also help you learn how to care for your alpacas – our commitment to you lasts for as long as you wish.
If you are wanting to increase your herd size, or upgrade your alpacas – we can advise on the best way to do this – either by use of superior studs to mate to your females, or the sale of good to outstanding females that will fast-track improvement into your herd.

Liz and Cheryl offer ongoing support and advice which enables us to develop long term relationships with our customers.

By understanding your individual goals, we will work with you to achieve these within your budget.  In particular we offer personalised packages of alpacas with a mix of genetics to suit your own personal breeding goals and budget.  By working together on an individualised breeding programme we will help you maximise your opportunities.

We believe your success as an alpaca breeder is paramount if we are to succeed ourselves, and invite you to join with us in developing a personal breeding plan that will minimise your risk but at the same time  gain the maximum benefit from your chosen stock.
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Our Philosophy on Alpaca Handling

Alpacas should be easy to catch, handle, halter and lead. We have instigated a training programme to ensure well-trained alpacas.

We offer our customers free training sessions where you can learn to handle your alpacas in a manner which will keep them easy to catch and handle. This leads to greater pleasure for you as a new alpaca owner – the value of being able to interact with your alpaca goes beyond price! Don’t be disappointed – ensure both you and your new pet have the confidence to work together – see the difference our commitment to have easily handled animals makes