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Our Credentials

  • Liz and Cheryl established The Alpaca Place in 2001 with the purchase of two lower-priced average quality female alpacas.  We knew right from the start that in order to not only increase our numbers but also the quality of our alpacas, we would need to learn the names of stud males that had or were making a significant impact on the alpaca world, and to include those pedigrees in our herd.  We have more than 15 years experience each in improving alpaca quality by following a breeding plan and are happy to share our experience with our customers to help them succeed.
  • Our first few years were spent in growing our herd (and we had mostly boys born in those formative years!).  We sold our first alpacas  (a pair of wethered males) in 2006 and the money gained was reinvested in improving our herd.
  • We made a conscious effort to learn and understand alpaca colour genetics.  While we started with 1 white alpaca and one brown one, our herd now includes alpacas across the colour spectrum.
  • Back in 2001 we found it difficult to find information on farming alpacas, however we attended conferences and learned from others as much as we could.  We then created The Alpaca Place website with the intention of sharing our knowledge freely with those interested in learning about the magical alpaca.
  • Early in our alpaca adventure we attended a practical Birthing Clinic (and Liz attended a refresher course in 2017), which has stood us in good stead as we have overseen more than 70 alpaca births, most of them trouble free, but with occasional assistance by us or our vet.  We now help our customers with this where needed with free birthing seminars.
  • With a goal of having well behaved, friendly alpacas, learning how to handle them was a priority and we attended an alpaca handling  clinic with Marty McGee Bennett at the Alpaca Association of New Zealand Annual Conference in 2004.  That training underpins our alpaca handling methods and all alpacas born at The Alpaca Place are halter trained before sale.  We share our handling methods with all our customers with the aim of giving them the confidence to enjoy the alpacas that they purchase.
  • We undertake many of the practical tasks around the farm: we build our fences, hang the gates, install the water troughs, feed out the hay etc.  Hands-on farming!
  • With the belief that a healthy land results in healthy alpacas we continue to study and learn land management skills, very much an ongoing task
  • Liz has contributed articles published in the official magazine of the Alpaca Association NZ, New Zealand Alpaca.
  • We started showing alpacas in 2007, winning our first ribbons the same year,  winning  our first red (1st place) ribbon the following year with consistent results ever since.  We have continued to show our alpacas at lower North Island shows and competed in our first New Zealand National Show in 2009 , and came home with first place wins in both the Junior Black Female and Junior Grey Male, competing against the best in the country, establishing our place among top alpaca farms.  From starting with two ‘very ordinary’ alpacas, we now have show quality alpacas, and an impressive display of ribbons (including several championship awards) to say the judges agree with us.
  • Since 2007 Liz has produced a bi-monthly email newsletter available to customers and other interested people.  This can be requested here:  https://www.thealpacaplace.co.nz/the-alpaca-place/newsletter/
  • Both Liz and Cheryl have served  on the committee of the Central Region of the Alpaca Association NZ.
  • In 2011 Liz set up the inaugural Alpaca Section show in conjunction with the Masterton Agricultural & Pastoral Show, and continued to convene this show for the following 3 years
  • Since 2006 Liz and Cheryl have run numerous Open Days and participated in National Alpaca Day events. This experience, and the popularity of the farm tours we gave at these events, have led to the establishment of regular Alpaca Farm Tours which are proving very popular with visitors. Our guests also have the opportunity to browse in our Farm Shop from which we retail NZ made alpaca products, spinning and knitting supplies, and souvenir items.
  • We sell alpacas nationwide. With more than 100 alpaca sales behind us, we have never had a dissatisfied customer!  We are happy to export quality alpacas and invite enquiries.