Our Services


The Alpaca Place is committed to:

Walk alongside you as you go through all stages of alpaca ownership – from deciding whether alpacas are right for you, to which alpacas are right for you, and how to care for your alpacas after purchase. We do this by:

  1. providing an extensive range of pre-purchase services available to potential customers to ensure they make the best purchase choice possible.
  2. ensuring that our customers receive knock your socks off after sales service.
  3. providing free training to help you care for your alpacas, and on how to handle them to maximise your enjoyment of these marvellous animals

Please scroll down the page to see what our commitment to you entails – we are proud to walk beside you as you develop your alpaca interest – whatever path you choose to take. We will maintain our commitment to your welfare for as long as you wish to take advantage of it.

Alpacas should be easy to catch, handle, halter and lead. We have instigated a training programme to ensure well-trained alpacas.

We offer our customers FREE training sessions where they can learn to handle their alpacas in a manner which will keep them easy to catch and handle. This leads to greater pleasure for you as a new alpaca owner – the value of being able to interact with your alpaca goes beyond price! Don’t be disappointed – ensure both you and your new pet have the confidence to work together – visit our farm and see the difference our commitment to have easily handled animals makes.


Alpacas for Sale

Whether you prefer pets or breeding stock, The Alpaca Place has a selection of alpacas to choose from. We have a choice of budget priced animals through to better quality alpacas. Our alpacas range from dazzling whites to lustrous blacks, with all the colours in between – glorious fawns, handsome browns and from time to time the ever popular fancies – the magnificent multi-colours. We know their health and breeding history – they have been bred or farmed by us or our customers. Add to this the power of pedigree – we select our matings carefully, to ensure internationally recognised quality alpacas are included in the pedigree of the alpacas we breed. Whatever you need, we will do our best to meet that need!

After Sales Support

On-going support is available to our customers, both by phone or on-line.  Our website is one of the most comprehensive educational alpaca sites in the world, and can be accessed 24 hours a day for practical advice on all aspects of alpaca care, and on how to get started in alpacas.

Knock your socks off service

All alpacas born at The Alpaca Place are halter trained before sale (does not apply to cria sold “at foot”), and we will teach you how to handle your alpaca so that you can enjoy your pet at close range. We offer free personalised training sessions where you will get individual attention and training. We periodically run workshops on alpaca and farm management – and wherever possible these are free to our customers.

A newsletter is issued to our customers from time to time reminding them when seasonal activities should be taking place, how to keep your alpaca healthy and avoid health problems, and we will advise you of options for using the fleece that your alpaca will provide once a year.

If you plan to breed alpacas, we will provide advice and help in setting goals and developing breeding plans to ensure the long-term success of your new venture.

Specialist Expertise

We provide ongoing support and advice and will always do our best to help – we can be contacted by your choice of phone or email.

Stud Services

All our Studs are International Alpaca Registry certified and 100% owned by The Alpaca Place. They are always available on farm. We offer stud services from males of excellent background and genetic variety – from animals of full Peruvian ancestry that incorporate the bloodlines of the two most respected Peruvian studs – Accoyo and Alianza, to the genetic diversity of animals of mixed Peruvian and Chilean descent. The Alpaca Place is committed to DNA Parent Verification so you can be confident the pedigree of the alpaca you use is accurate, thus unleashing the potential of your female. We offer customers a discount on stud fees for our customers, and wait – theres more: we offer bulk discounts on a sliding scale dependent on the number of females booked – and if you purchased your female from us, you can claim both bulk and customer discounts!

Live Cria Guarantee

We offer an exceptional live cria guarantee when you choose one of our studs – we not only offer a free remate if your cria fails to survive the birthing process, but extend the guarantee period to one month after birth.

On-Site property layout & needs assessment

A peace of mind farm inspection service is available to customers and intending customers. We will visit your property and advise on the suitability of your existing land and facilities for farming alpacas. We will help you develop a plan to adapt or organise a farm layout and advise on siting pens, gates and fences to enhance animal flow; shelters, and where to plant shelter trees.

This service is limited to the Wairarapa/Wellington region, but if you live further afield we can still help with planning suggestions using aerial photographs (which you can from your local council).


Health & Fertility Guarantees

We will supply a free Veterinary Health Check for all alpacas sold for more than $4000. Immature animals sold as future breeding stock have a fertility guarantee that they will produce live offspring, while potential Stud Males have an additional guarantee that they will pass Certification Standard.


We are not insurance agents – we stick to what we do best (breed alpacas). However, we can organise insurance – with a genuine Livestock Insurance Agent – on your behalf should you desire it, or if you are purchasing an alpaca using our interest free Finance scheme.

Farm Visits

We welcome farm visits from those who want to know more about alpacas and how to farm them, to help you make an informed decision on buying and farming  these amazing animals – which are truly the stockmans dream! Our farm visits are intended to help you become confident about the benefits of owning alpacas, how to go about buying the most suitable animals for your purposes, and how to manage them well once you own them.

If you are unable to visit our farm, and still intend to purchase alpacas from us, we will provide the same information by phone and email – we sell alpacas nationwide!

In accordance with our goal of providing outstanding customer service, the following services are available on a Customer-only basis:

Weaning & Halter-training service

For many people weaning time is difficult due to having insufficient land, insufficient animals, or due to lack of knowledge, expertise or the time necessary to halter train their cria. For a modest fee, you can leave your cria at The Alpaca Place for 6 weeks while we wean and halter train him/her. This is a customers only service.  Customers, please contact us for details.

Post Purchase Training Sessions

We include a post purchase training session on how to herd, catch, handle and halter your alpaca. The session also includes basic health management, and you take home a useful booklet covering the topics in the training session.