Coricancha Brujo


Brujo is an outstanding son of Purrumbete Highlander. His dam, Jolimont Brujeria, maintained a very low micron well after the age most alpacas have developed a strong fleece. Brujo for many years featured on the AANZ Banner.

Now deceased, his Coricancha Brujofleece is lustrous, fine and very dense, frequently shearing over 5kg of fleece annually.  Brujo always showed himself well – this photo is very typical. Better known in the South Island where he was based after his importation to NZ (his Australian breeders, well-known Coricancha stud, stated he was the best they had ever bred), any pedigree featuring Brujo should be highly respected. At The Alpaca Place, we were lucky enough to have a son of Brujo, Sierra Vista Extreme join our herd when we were still in our formative years, and the impact he had on our herd cannot be overrated.

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