Purrumbete Sir Titus Salt


SirTitusSaltSir Titus Salt is probably the least known of the “iconic five” who form the basis of the Australasian pedigree herd. Listed in the IAR (International Alpaca Registry) as imported from Chile, it has become common knowledge that a 1993 shipment of Peruvian Alpacas crossed the border into Chile, and were exported as Chilean Alpacas. Sir Titus Salt was one of these, and he and the 5 ¬†other iconic males included in this shipment were of a quality simply unseen until this time. The impact they had on alpacas in Australia and New Zealand cannot be overstated.

While his contemporaries became famous for the next generations of stud males they left behind, Sir Titus Salt made more of an impact in the female line, with the top studs of his day retaining many of his female progeny for their own breeding herds.

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