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Abandoned Cria

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

On the 10th March, we discovered a new born cria in our maternity paddock with no mother in attendance. None of the 5 “pregnant” girls showed any interest or signs of recently having given birth, and we were left trying to figure out who “mum” was. The most important thing was to get some food into the cria, so we gave her a bottle of milk – she was ravenous, but a lovely strong cria.

We managed to narrow potential “mothers” down to two, with a strong leaning towards Caprice as mother. We had the vet verify for us the next morning that Caprice was indeed Sparkles mother. Over the next couple of days, Caprice showed a mild interest in Sparkles, who tagged along behind her, but we continued to bottle feed her as Caprice refused to do so.

However, on Monday, Sparkles lost energy and her breathing became laboured. Suspecting pneumonia, I called the vet who confirmed my suspicions, and gave Sparkles an anti-biotic. She has slowly recovered, but her lack of energy has meant she has stopped following Caprice, who has correspondingly taken even less interest in her. So it looks like Sparkles will continue to be bottlefed.