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New cria

Monday, February 20th, 2012

After a few weeks break to get us over the heat of summer, our cria have started arriving again. First up was Ela with a wee black boy, now named Brooklyn, followed by Yulia with her first ever girl! (Yulia has had 4 male cria previously). “Tessa” is dark brown with white markings, and the jury is out on whether she is just brown , or a low grade rose grey like her mother. Either way, it is exciting to finally have that girl – but it was a close run thing, as Yulia required an assisted birth when the water sac failed to rupture, and she was unable to expel the cria after the head emerged. Yulias cria usually have micron of around 18 at one year old, so we expect similar things from Tessa.

We will be watching Brooklyns development with interest, as apart from Elas cria last year, he is unrelated to any of our black girls. So we are keeping our fingers crossed we have a future stud in the making!

What you should be doing now – NZ only

Monday, February 20th, 2012

  Facebook logoThis section has now been moved to our facebook page – click on the facebook logo and like our page! Spring tasks (October/November) have now been posted

Whats new….

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Liz & I finally decided to take advantage of a shearing course we did ten (10!) years ago and shear our own alpacas. With 80+ alpacas on farm, the cost of paying for a mobile shearer is now prohibitive. So we’ve done a refresher course, and are currently getting  our shearing gear set up on rollers so we can move it easily. We decided to go for a traditional shearing plant rather than a motorised handpiece as the latter is too big and heavy for us to use. So as soon as our plant is installed, we’ll be shearing our own. Nerve-wracking!

We have several females due to unpack this month, Impulse has a lovely black girl sired by our Lincoln – so Impulse is now off the market until Velvet is weaned. You should have grabbed her while she was available, look what you’ve missed out on!

Our beautiful grey boy Eclipse has been injured – probably in a (not-so) fun fight, and is seriously lame. To his disgust he is not allowed in with his mates in case they aggravate the injury, and he is now baby-sitting last year’s male weanlings.


New Arrivals

Monday, November 28th, 2011

The new arrivals keep on coming! Yesterday our new stud male, Gold Flash arrived from Christchurch. Sired by Jolimont Attitude, a sire famous in Australia, NZ and Europe, he will make a big impact on our region. Later the same day, Impulse unpacked a black female cria, as yet un-named. Look for more news (and photos) about these two soon!   20/12/2011: And here we are.  The promised photo of Gold Flash.

HB Show and new cria – on the same day

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

What a busy time we have had since returning from the National Show – first we attended the Hawkes Bay show, where Cracker impressed by winning the Intermediate white/light fawn fleece, and Marquis picked up a first placing in his class. 2nd placings were awarded to HollyAnna and Marshall as well, so a enjoyable day for us – despite the heat.

Gordon stayed at home to care for the alpacas – and just as well, as 2 of our girls, Jean E and Delta had their cria within an hour of each other the same day. Both girls, Jean E had a white, now named Celtic Mist (Misty) for her grand-father, and Delta had a rose grey like herself who has been named Cypress.

Misty (left) & Cypress



Winter sunshine

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

We have just had a week of beautiful sunshine to follow 10 days of rain. So we had a chance to catch up on a few tasks – we started dosing our girls with A ,D&E vitaminsplus do some overdue pregnancy scans, plus the all-important halter training. We have a number of very nice cria we are looking forward to showing the world in the coming show season, so getting these cria confident on a halter is really important. As alpaca breeders, we always aim for excellence, so it is really encouraging to see so many fine cria growing up – many will come available for sale in the coming months, we have a particularly fine group of young black males, so if you are looking for a potential stud, or an adorable pet, keep an eye on our alpacas for sale page in the coming months – or better still, contact us, and let us know what you are looking for-many of our alpacas are sold without ever appearing on the website, so don’t miss out – contact us first.

TB (tuberculosis) Testing

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

In NZ, TB testing is not a legal requirement. However, alpacas can get TB, even though this is not common  in fact it is negligible, the ratio of alpacas found to have TB in NZ is something like .01%). As responsible alpaca breeders, and to give peace of mind to our customers (both in NZ and internationally), we have our entire herd tested annually, and have just had our herd tested again this year, with a clear result. This gives us a C10 rating showing we have tested our herd annually for the last 10 years, and received a clear result each year.


Now is a great time to buy alpacas!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

There has never been a better time to add alpacas to your hobby farm or livestyle block. While top alpacas still command impressive prices, it is now easier than ever to buy good quality, registered alpacas as pets at prices that fall within the reach of most prospective owners. It is also more important than ever to ensure you purchase your alpacas from reputable alpaca breeders like The Alpaca Place – we have heard so many sad tales from people who bought “bargains” from other inexperienced owners, or through internet auction sites, and then discovered that, without backup support from the seller, they had no idea how to manage or care for their new pets, and as a result had totally unmanageable alpacas – their dream turned nightmare.

The sweet, enchanting behaviour of alpacas is sure to steal your heart – and they cost little to feed,and with a little training  they are easy to manage, even by people who have never kept livestock before – see Why Alpacas to discover just how owning alpacas will benefit you. Then check out just what we will do to help you with your alpaca management and give us a call to arrange a farm visit. We can turn your dream into a reality. Our alpaca wethers (geldings) start from just $500 + gst, and we also have female alpacas priced to suit every budget – and the quality you desire!

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

I have a lot of fun  writing and compiling our newsletter which is emailed out to readers every couple of months.  We get a lot of positive feedback – readers saying that the variety of useful information contained in a nutshell is both interesting and informative.  The next edition is due out early in August 2011 and discusses (among other things) “Planning Your Alpaca Farm” and “Evaluating Alpaca Fibre” which are both subjects of interest to new owners. From time to time our readers are offered “specials” that are not necessarily promoted in the Alpacas for Sale section of our website. 

The newsletter is not a website publication but if you’d like to receive it register here