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Seymour, our newest greeter

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Seymour – the alpaca who was born blind but now can see… more, has now been weaned and has had his first halter training lesson. Once he has learnt his leading “manners” he will join Kingi and Bracken as our official “greeters” for our visitors.

Take part in one of our popular farm tours and meet Seymour soon!

Cadenza Update

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Wednesday saw Gordon and I cria-napping Harmony’s baby.  Time for a vet check to see how those broken leg bones are healing. Good news!  An xray determined the bones are healing well and Cadenza could have her plaster removed.  After 5 hours away from home Harmony was very relieved to see Cadenza return, albeit with 4 matching legs, and no plaster.  Cadenza is to remain confined for another 10 days while her muscles strengthen and her leg is functioning properly.  Since she was 2 weeks old Cadenza has had to cush with her plastered leg held rigidly out in front.  Its taken her a couple of days to realise she has a knee in that leg but today (TWICE!!)  we have found her cushing with both front legs tucked up under her – just like all the others!  And today, because we no longer have to worry about keeping her plaster dry, Cadenza is enjoying grazing in a pen outside, able to eat REAL grass, instead of hay.  So the countdown is really on – soon she will be able to graze outside with Harmony, something she probably doesn’t remember ever doing before.  And before too long she’ll be able to join the other youngsters in their evening romp around the paddock. Life is fun!

Brrrrrr . . . winter’s on its way

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Today its cold and wet, the first signs that our New Zealand winter is on its way! Alpacas are very stoic and so long as they have tree or fence shelter from our cold southerly winter winds they tolerate winter very well.  But keeping them well fed and warm is paramount if you want them to keep their good health.  Make sure in cold weather that they have meadow hay available – this will keep them warm!  We have small hay sheds in each of our paddocks.  We place bales of hay on old forklift pallets to keep it off the damp ground and top it up every weekend over winter.  That way the alpacas can choose when to eat hay instead of grass (which lacks good nutrition in the winter months).

Soon our ‘boys’ (a mix of stud males and youngsters who have not been wethered (castrated) will be moved off farm for the winter.  This gives them a change of scenery, and allows their paddocks to recover without being grazed for a few months.  Even though they live separately the ‘girls’ notice their absence and there’ll be quite a bit of excitement when they return in spring.

Cheryl and I (and Gordon) are all busily knitting alpaca garments for ourselves.  There’s nothing warmer than alpaca when it comes to clothing.  If you’re after socks, scarves, hats etc check out our online shop here.

A Heavyweight Arrives

Friday, December 9th, 2011


Yesterday our Cherrie gave birth to a whopping 10.8kg baby girl.  Its the biggest newborn we have ever seen, so big our standard cria cover could only just fit.  If she needs a cover for a second night we’ll have to look for a larger fit.  Cherrie has given birth to some big babies before but this one sired by our Lion Heart is a record for us.  She’s a beautiful medium fawn, very similar colouring to her Dad.

Later:   Empire Rose is pictured here at 3 days old & already over 11kg!

Winter sunshine

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

We have just had a week of beautiful sunshine to follow 10 days of rain. So we had a chance to catch up on a few tasks – we started dosing our girls with A ,D&E vitaminsplus do some overdue pregnancy scans, plus the all-important halter training. We have a number of very nice cria we are looking forward to showing the world in the coming show season, so getting these cria confident on a halter is really important. As alpaca breeders, we always aim for excellence, so it is really encouraging to see so many fine cria growing up – many will come available for sale in the coming months, we have a particularly fine group of young black males, so if you are looking for a potential stud, or an adorable pet, keep an eye on our alpacas for sale page in the coming months – or better still, contact us, and let us know what you are looking for-many of our alpacas are sold without ever appearing on the website, so don’t miss out – contact us first.

Winter Solstice – Matariki

Monday, June 27th, 2011

With the shortest day officially behind us Cheryl and I took a couple of alpacas to the Matariki Fair in Carterton on 26th June.  Attending the fair was an opportunity for us to ‘talk alpaca’ with a number of people, a subject dear to our hearts. Our Alpacas For Sale board was scrutinized closely and several people took copies home to ponder.  It was bitterly cold and although we were under cover the wind was biting and we ended up moving inside. We were glad to get home to a roaring fire and hot soup that Gordon had ready for us. We weren’t surprised to find on waking the next morning that our first frost of the winter had settled on the ground and that the nearby Tararua Ranges had their first coating of snow.  Time to bring out the alpaca scarves and knitwear!

A Mountain at The Alpaca Place?!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

When we excavated our new soakholes recently, we took the opportunity to create an artificial hill for our cria to play on. Those of you who are familiar with The Alpaca Place will know our farm is completely flat, so a hill creates interest and activity for our alpaca. They love it! The picture shows our beautiful grey cria, Sterling Silver showing off that he has pushed everyone else off!

Winter is here!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

After a delightful, long autumn, winter has finally arrived, with cold wind and rain. Yesterday we filled all the feeding stations with hay so our alpacas can help themselves whenever they are feeling cold and hungry. Our “feeding stations” are simply a shed in each paddock which will keep the hay dry. This means we can feed out  bale or two at at time, and cuts down on the time required to feed out each day. Some of our alpacas will also go in the sheds to keep out of wind and rain, so it serves a double purpose.

Hawkes Bay Show

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Labour Weekend – a long weekend for us here in NZ – preceded by the Hawkes Bay Show. We took a selection of young alpaca, and came home with 3 ribbons. Cracker took a 5th in the Junior White class, which we were thrilled about, not only because any ribbon in a white/light fawn class is an acheivment, but because the Judges critique mirrored our own opion of him – its always good to hear you are on the right track when assessing your own alpacas! Holly Anna won a 2nd place in the junior black class, and our beautiful grey boy, Eclipse won his Intermediate class. We then returned home to a weekend of beautiful sunshine, and a chance to catch up on some farm tasks.


The National Show

Monday, November 1st, 2010

The National Show has been and gone. Liz and I took our show team, and came home with a couple of ribbons, a 3rd for Eclipse and a 6th for HollyAnna. While these might appear to be minor placings, a ribbon of any sort is an acheivement at a National Show, so we were very pleased with these results.

National Expo Photos :