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Now is a great time to buy alpacas!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

There has never been a better time to add alpacas to your hobby farm or livestyle block. While top alpacas still command impressive prices, it is now easier than ever to buy good quality, registered alpacas as pets at prices that fall within the reach of most prospective owners. It is also more important than ever to ensure you purchase your alpacas from reputable alpaca breeders like The Alpaca Place – we have heard so many sad tales from people who bought “bargains” from other inexperienced owners, or through internet auction sites, and then discovered that, without backup support from the seller, they had no idea how to manage or care for their new pets, and as a result had totally unmanageable alpacas – their dream turned nightmare.

The sweet, enchanting behaviour of alpacas is sure to steal your heart – and they cost little to feed,and with a little training  they are easy to manage, even by people who have never kept livestock before – see Why Alpacas to discover just how owning alpacas will benefit you. Then check out just what we will do to help you with your alpaca management and give us a call to arrange a farm visit. We can turn your dream into a reality. Our alpaca wethers (geldings) start from just $500 + gst, and we also have female alpacas priced to suit every budget – and the quality you desire!