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Autumn Rush-around

Friday, April 20th, 2012

It’s the season to do catch up on farm maintenance and we have been busy demolishing some “past-its-use-by date”  fencing, re-hanging a couple of gates and  replacing some very old fence posts.  This is never as simple as it first seems, and we have to admit to cutting through a water pipeline which feeds our troughs.  The line was buried years before we bought our property and we’ve never known exactly where the pipes are located.  We do now: right along the fenceline and about 1 foot underground!

We’re about to organise to split our winter firewood which is currently still outside but at least cut into rounds ready for the splitter.  We’re hoping the weather will stay dry until we can get the wood undercover for winter.

Cadenza update:  Our cria with the broken leg is now a month old and still largely confined to an indoor pen with her mum who is let out from time to time so she can graze.  We do have an outside pen for Cadenza so she can start grazing as well but she is restricted to times when the grass is dry so her plaster doesn’t get wet.  With heavy dews overnight and shorter days she  rarely gets this privilege!  However a recent vet check confirmed she is progressing well with no signs of infection in her leg.  Her mother has been a real champ, accepting their isolation from the herd and taking good care of her cria.

The grass in the “next paddock” is greener

Friday, June 10th, 2011

This winter, for the first time, we are moving a number of our alpacas off farm.  Because most of our paddocks only get short breaks from grazing, this year we are keen to give the land a rest and winter is the ideal time to do this as the spring/summer/autumn breeding activity comes to a halt.  While pasture growth is slower in winter than in other seasons, the opportunity to lie fallow for a while helps the land to rejuvenate.  No doubt the alpacas will enjoy the change of scenery  and the fresh, green grass of their holiday home. Our alpacas for sale will remain with us to make it easy for you to make your purchases,  so do call us if you would like to take that big step into alpaca ownership. You won’t regret it!