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Wet Winter Woes

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

What a quiet winter it has been. We have suffered almost non-stop rain since mid-May, and our only news has been, more rain = more mud! Our poor alpacas have had wet ground underfoot for weeks, with little grass growth. Just as well we have lots of hay to feed out!
The last couple of weeks have seen the return of the sun, interspersed with rainy days, but at least everything is starting to dry out.
Liz and I plan to go to the NZ National Show and Expo in early October, so now will be desperately trying to prepare our show team – we plan to take about 7, with a couple of Intermediates (over 1 year) ,and the rest Juniors (last years cria). Most are now starting to walk on a halter, but one young boy has only just been weaned, and wore a halter for the first time today. With all the rain we have had, their fleeces are not in good condition, we can only hope the weather contiues to improve now it is Spring, and that they will be presentable on Show Day!