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Jan Update

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

After several weeks of hot, dry weather, it looked like we were headed for a drought. But this weekend, a long weekend for the Wellington region, it has rained non-stop. A great drought breaker, and desperatley needed. We moved our youngest cria Pandora and Bracken (see our New Years Day update), plus Gidget (born 10 January) into the paddock that contains our hayshed, which they gratefully moved into to shelter from the rain. While this rain is great, in the lead up to the facial eczema season it poses some risks in the future weeks.

If you live in an FE prone area, be extra vigilant!

Rain, Spit Offs and more rain

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Now that we are into winter proper, and given the incessant rain over the last few weeks, we have now cancelled all scheduled spit-offs – those girls we are still unsure of (as regards pregnancy status) will now be given an audio scan approximately 7 weeks after mating to see if they are pregnant or not. If not- we will hold these girls over until late spring before remating.
Because of the excessive rain, and now cold, our alpaca have been very appreciative of their hay feed. Because we have covered feeding sheds in nearly every paddock, they can free-feed right through the day – and no-one misses out. We have found this a very successful method of feeding hay as not only do the alpacas like dry hay available all the time, but it reduces the time spent feeding out, as we can often put out several days feed at a time and know the rain will not spoil it.