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Brrrrrr . . . winter’s on its way

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Today its cold and wet, the first signs that our New Zealand winter is on its way! Alpacas are very stoic and so long as they have tree or fence shelter from our cold southerly winter winds they tolerate winter very well.  But keeping them well fed and warm is paramount if you want them to keep their good health.  Make sure in cold weather that they have meadow hay available – this will keep them warm!  We have small hay sheds in each of our paddocks.  We place bales of hay on old forklift pallets to keep it off the damp ground and top it up every weekend over winter.  That way the alpacas can choose when to eat hay instead of grass (which lacks good nutrition in the winter months).

Soon our ‘boys’ (a mix of stud males and youngsters who have not been wethered (castrated) will be moved off farm for the winter.  This gives them a change of scenery, and allows their paddocks to recover without being grazed for a few months.  Even though they live separately the ‘girls’ notice their absence and there’ll be quite a bit of excitement when they return in spring.

Cheryl and I (and Gordon) are all busily knitting alpaca garments for ourselves.  There’s nothing warmer than alpaca when it comes to clothing.  If you’re after socks, scarves, hats etc check out our online shop here.

Shelter from the storm

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The recent bitterly cold weather and gale force winds saw us move our ‘girls’ to the back of our farm to paddocks with plenty of tree shelter.  The newly weaned cria and their ‘aunties’ (who were awarded the babysitting job)  in the adjoining paddock were pleased to see them all,  and probably hoped it was a permanent arrangement,  but today with clear skies and only a  little wind,  we have moved the adults away again as the paddock they were in is small and quickly runs out of grazing.  However they had plenty of hay to eat while they were there and they were able to eat it under the trees where it remained dry despite the squally weather.    

Winter is here!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

After a delightful, long autumn, winter has finally arrived, with cold wind and rain. Yesterday we filled all the feeding stations with hay so our alpacas can help themselves whenever they are feeling cold and hungry. Our “feeding stations” are simply a shed in each paddock which will keep the hay dry. This means we can feed out  bale or two at at time, and cuts down on the time required to feed out each day. Some of our alpacas will also go in the sheds to keep out of wind and rain, so it serves a double purpose.