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Premature cria

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

We recently had 2 premature cria born within a week of each other. Both ( a white female named Crystal, and a black male named Whiskey) had issues as a result of their early birth, Crystal with heat stress, and Whiskey with general weakness as result of prematurity.

Crystal required an assisted birth, although not a great deal. She needed to have membrane removed from her face to allow her to breathe, and a bit of help to be born as Platinum (her mother) lay down throughout the birth. Fortunately, Crystal did not appear to have any breathing difficulties as a result of not being able to drain fluids as a standing birth would have allowed. However, the next day was very hot and sunny, and our little girl collapsed from heat stress. We moved her into the shade, and gave her a plasma infusion when she failed to recover. This was enough to keep her alive, and she picked up over the next couple of days to be a normal active cria. Crystal was about 2 weeks premature, and has no physical signs of prematurity.

Whiskey was born while Liz and I were at Manawatu Show.There were no birthing difficulties, although he was about 9 days premature. Gordon bottle fed him as he was obviously lacking energy, and his mother was not attentive. When Liz and I arrived home, we gave him a plasma infusion, but he has been slow to gain strength, and is still very inactive. He is feeding from his mother, but we are still supplementary feeding him to try and bring his strength up. He is not yet out of the woods. Whiskey is “down on his pasterns (study the 2 photos above to see the difference in the way these 2 cria stand), this is  a common feature of premature cria, and should fix itself over the next few weeks.