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Cadenza Update

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Wednesday saw Gordon and I cria-napping Harmony’s baby.  Time for a vet check to see how those broken leg bones are healing. Good news!  An xray determined the bones are healing well and Cadenza could have her plaster removed.  After 5 hours away from home Harmony was very relieved to see Cadenza return, albeit with 4 matching legs, and no plaster.  Cadenza is to remain confined for another 10 days while her muscles strengthen and her leg is functioning properly.  Since she was 2 weeks old Cadenza has had to cush with her plastered leg held rigidly out in front.  Its taken her a couple of days to realise she has a knee in that leg but today (TWICE!!)  we have found her cushing with both front legs tucked up under her – just like all the others!  And today, because we no longer have to worry about keeping her plaster dry, Cadenza is enjoying grazing in a pen outside, able to eat REAL grass, instead of hay.  So the countdown is really on – soon she will be able to graze outside with Harmony, something she probably doesn’t remember ever doing before.  And before too long she’ll be able to join the other youngsters in their evening romp around the paddock. Life is fun!


Friday, March 30th, 2012

On Monday night (26th March), we discovered our two week old cria had broken her leg. X-rays show both bones in her lower foreleg have been broken, with an open wound where the bone had poked through the flesh. Our vet tells us the type of fracture is consistent with a kick.

Cadenza now sports a bright blue cast from the top of her leg to the toes, and requires some observant nursing, to make sure the wound in her leg doesn’t become infected under the cast (she is also having anti-biotic every 2 days to help prevent this also), and she is not allowed to get the cast wet. This means she and her mother, Harmony, are now being kept under cover for the next five weeks until the break heals. We will write a full article on Cadenzas broken leg after she is mobile again, and publish it in our newsletter. (If you don’t already receive our newsletter, you can sign up here).